A Valentine Poem

“Roses are red, viotets are blue, you are the Best and… I love you.” This was a Valentine project from my boy — a unique, crafty pop-up card. Yes, he misspelled “violets” and I’m guessing he wrote the word like how he heard it from the teacher, I’m sure. And it actually made this card … Continue reading

A Ring, A Rose, A Valentine’s Day

For lovers, for friends, for husbands and wives, mothers and children, Valentine’s Day is a special day spent in many different ways. So, no matter what you do, what you give, or receive on this day of hearts… …an engagement ring…   I received my engagement ring exactly 8 years ago today  …a paper rose… … Continue reading

Mom-Friday Site Make-Over In Progress

Wanted:  Mom-Friday Make-Over Hi friends!It’s the Year of the Tiger tomorrow and I guess it’s about time that Mom-Friday undergo some changes.  In the days ahead, you might experience some glitches as you visit the site, and maybe a total “blackout” or temporary no-show of mymomfriday.blogspot.com altogether.  I have been planning some improvements since last … Continue reading