Private Indoor Beach

“Mommy, time for the beach play…!!!” A sunny day at the beach….uhm, bedroom beach I mean. =) For no reason, the girl fancied her colorful umbrellas for this afternoon’s play time and asked me to join her for a “swim”. Good thing she was game at posing for me, and so here’s a peek at … Continue reading

Family Friday: Tiny Tea Party at Taibun

Second Friday of the month:  Family time / Kids “Daddy, I don’t wanna leave yet… let’s have a tea party first!” I can’t remember what triggered our cravings one lazy Sunday afternoon — hubby was thinking about having some sweets while I wanted to indulge in a slice of tablea chocolate cake. It was then decided … Continue reading

Smurfs Invasion!

The last time I went ga-ga over these adorable blue characters was when I was in 6th grade!!!  Who knew the Smurfs would find their way into 2011, with a movie to boot, and charm this new generation of tech-savvy kiddies like my boy and girl. We got four Smurfs from our latest order of McDonald’s … Continue reading

Family Friday: 6 Favorite Kiddie Pastime & Bonding Activities

Second Friday of the month:  Kids / ParentingEveryday, my kids will have their ‘cat & dog’ fights, and some sweet moments in between.  It’s inevitable among siblings.  It doesn’t matter if they’re all boys or all girls, or both… they will kick, push, scream and fight, hug, play and laugh together. We’re no exception.The boy … Continue reading

Fun Friday: The Art of Plants vs. Zombies

Third Friday of the month:  Hobby / RecreationMy kids love to draw. They draw everyday whenever they get the chance.  They get inspiration from their toys, the shows they watch, games they play, the memorable characters that make them sing and dance…whatever’s the favorite of the week.  It’s their number one creative outlet and they … Continue reading

Fun Friday: Collectible Toys for the (big) Boys

Third Friday of the month:  Hobbies / Toys / Recreation Action figures, diecast models, character toys, cars and robots. Aside from electronic gadgets, these are just some of the toys that a lot of (men) big boys collect and drool over, my husband included. Part of the Justice League action figures collection Hubby’s birthday is … Continue reading

Mom-Finds: Wish List of Toys for Christmas

Last Friday of the month:  Mom-Finds / Toys and Gifts Are you done with shopping for the holidays? Need a few gift ideas for Christmas? I compiled this list of most requested toys from kids ages 3 to 12 as I was drafting my own list for this gift-giving season. These are actual brands and models … Continue reading

Afternoon Bonding Over ZOOB and Champorado, part 1

It is not unusual for me to see my boy and my girl, with a 3-year age gap, play together and chatter away as they let their imaginations run wild with their high-action stories and anecdotes from a TV show or make-believe adventures with their new toys.  This can go on until they bore themselves … Continue reading