New Favorites at C2 Classic Cuisine

There are just a handful of Filipino restaurants that my family frequent because Pinoy food is already a regular on our table during mealtimes.  That is why there has to be something special, something different in the menu for us to choose a restaurant serving our local cuisine.Some weeks back, Jackie invited me as her plus-one … Continue reading

Foodie Friday: Cream Corn & Chicken Comfort Soup

First Friday of the Month:  Mom-Cook / Food It was drizzling the other day and finally got inspired to feature this family favorite. I realized I have been holding on to several picture files and recipes for too long. Like this one, I have a line-up of dishes waiting to star in their own Friday … Continue reading

Misua Soup with Meatballs and Patola (Loofah)

I rarely buy this vegetable that is known in different names: sponge gourd, vegetable sponge, Luffa acutangula, angled luffa, and more popularly, patola or loofah (lufah).  It was never part of my market list. Surprisingly, when my mother made soup with patola a few months back, the kids actually liked it, and finished a bowl! … Continue reading

A Prosperous Sunday Lunch

First Friday of the month:  Dining As part of my “blog renovation”, I have made a regular topic schedule for all Fridays of the month which is in the ‘My Fridays’ menu tab above (though it’s not quite working yet) on the sidebar. Therefore, beginning this month, every first Friday, the topic will be all … Continue reading

Table for Seven Moms at Chef’s Table

“Private dining on the rooftop with awesome view of the sunset and the busy city life at night.  Awe-inspiring food presentation with the promise of satiating the palette.  An opportunity to actually be in the popular Tablescapes kitchen that is slowly etching Filipino food and culture into the world map.  Friendly service team led by … Continue reading

Roasted Butternut Squash & Carrot Soup

After attending a very interesting talk at my boy’s school last Saturday, I was so ready to share with you today what I have learned as I promised to blog about DML’s series of parenting seminars, the first of which was about wellness and nutrition. Instead, I have to take a 180 degree turn and … Continue reading

Miso Soup for the Soul

A hot comforting soup on a chilly, rainy evening is always the way to go to complement your dinner.  And the other night, we had our favorite Japanese broth — miso soup. I mentioned in earlier posts when we dined at Kyoto Jack and Sugi, that my son loves miso soup. And whenever we order … Continue reading

It’s Raining and We’re Feeling Japanese (again)

No signage by the main street, and no directionals pointing to the right way. We just followed the light through the plaza. There was a downpour and it was very dark. That’s something different for the kids as we rarely take them out at night, more so on a rainy night! So they were excited … Continue reading

Weekend (Cheap) Thrills

Ah, Friday… time for some relaxing days ahead…a respite for tired, busy bodies from the week’s load. But for a parent like myself, having a “me time” over the weekend is a luxury, even a secret indulgence for some. With kids around, plans can always change in a snap. A play group on a Saturday … Continue reading