New Favorites at C2 Classic Cuisine

There are just a handful of Filipino restaurants that my family frequent because Pinoy food is already a regular on our table during mealtimes.  That is why there has to be something special, something different in the menu for us to choose a restaurant serving our local cuisine.Some weeks back, Jackie invited me as her plus-one … Continue reading

Foodie Friday: Honey Bagoong Fried Rice

First Friday of the month:  Cooking / Recipe First food post for the month and I chose this dish that you will either like, or won’t like. Some may find the sauce stinky, while others will savor the unique exotic flavor. Let me get to main ingredient for today’s Mom-Cook post — bagoong! Bagoong is … Continue reading

Fun Friday: Cooking Biko with Pre-schoolers

Third Friday of the month:  Fun activities / KidsCooking with my two kids can be such a mess, can test my patience, and can also be so much fun. No doubt, as seen from some Mom-Cook posts, that “playing in the kitchen” is one of our favorite bonding activities at home.  This time around, I … Continue reading

Yummy Yoshinoya Century Bangus Kabayaki for Lent

Kabayaki: A generic Japanese term for a seafood dish that is filleted, deboned, and dipped in a sweet soy sauce-based sauce before being broiled on a grill. – Century Pacific Group (Century Bangus) For a limited time only, this Bangus Kabayaki is the Lenten season offering of popular Japanese food chain Yoshinoya, known for their best-selling beef bowls. … Continue reading

Mom-Cook: Garlic Chicken Pesto Rice

Leftover chicken + Lots of garlic + Homemade pesto + Rice = _________. Garlic Chicken Pesto Rice is what I call this dish. And the equation above is all it takes to toss this whole rice dish together for a quick, flavorful and satisfying meal. My first guest feedback nailed it right away, and a … Continue reading

Mom-Cook: What Rice Dish is This?

While making a pot of my Cream Corn and Chicken Soup for the family, I decided to have this instant rice dish dinner meal for one — that’s for moi! Can you take a guess? Watch out for the reveal on Wednesday. If you didn’t catch my first mystery food game, click and guess here, … Continue reading

Foodie Friday: Homemade Tocino

First Friday of the month:  Food / Mom-Cook Sweet pork. That’s how I refer to tocino for the benefit of the kids whenever we have this viand for lunch or dinner.  Tocino is cured meat, Spanish for bacon. This tender and tasty red slices of meat, glazed and slightly charred when cooked, is a traditional … Continue reading

A Prosperous Sunday Lunch

First Friday of the month:  Dining As part of my “blog renovation”, I have made a regular topic schedule for all Fridays of the month which is in the ‘My Fridays’ menu tab above (though it’s not quite working yet) on the sidebar. Therefore, beginning this month, every first Friday, the topic will be all … Continue reading

Table for Seven Moms at Chef’s Table

“Private dining on the rooftop with awesome view of the sunset and the busy city life at night.  Awe-inspiring food presentation with the promise of satiating the palette.  An opportunity to actually be in the popular Tablescapes kitchen that is slowly etching Filipino food and culture into the world map.  Friendly service team led by … Continue reading

Afternoon Bonding Over ZOOB and Champorado, part 2

I have always enjoyed cooking with my children, at least to some degree.  Attempting to expose them early to the different flavors and aromas of various dishes I can manage to cook, trying to tickle their taste buds, and hopefully get them to try and like the dish, is something I am making an effort … Continue reading