Active Ambassadors Academy: Holistic Preschool Education

“Nurture and educate young children to be equipped with skills and knowledge for them to become globally competitive and successful ambassadors of positive change.” – AAA During a visit to Active Ambassadors Academy (AAA) earlier this month, some mom bloggers and I got to meet the wonderful and dedicated people behind this new educational institution located in … Continue reading

On Progressive Schools: FAQs and More

Second Friday of the month:  Kids and SchoolingAround this time of the year, most schools are already accepting applicants for the next school year. Many parents are now in the process of either scouting for their child’s first school, big school, or may be planning to switch to new one.  Choosing a school is just not … Continue reading

A Closer Look at Progressive and Traditional School Settings

Second Friday of the month:  Kids and Schooling  “One size fits all” — certainly not with schools.Now, more than ever, choosing the right school for children has become more complicated and confusing. At least for me it is. It’s not a walk in the park especially for parents scouting for their kid’s first school.  Unlike … Continue reading