Raffle Time: Blockbuster Treats from FlapJacks

Fourth Friday of the month:  Freestyle Friday / Giveaways It’s the comeback of FlapJacks’ blockbuster favorites and I was delighted to be invited to dine and sample these dishes. Our family enjoys dining at their Greenhills branch so I did not hesitate to accept this treat.  Plus, they gave me Gift Cards to raffle off to my … Continue reading

Foodie Friday: Instant Kung Pao Chicken Pasta

First Friday of the month:  Mom-Cook / Recipe Care for some spicy spaghetti?  Go Kung Pao!!! I’m not going to pretend this is something new. Kung Pao (which translates to palace guardian/official) is a famous spicy Asian sauce and is definitely one my favorite pasta sauces ever since I had a taste of California Pizza Kitchen’s … Continue reading

Easy Recipes with Century Boneless Bangus

Unique bangus degustation:  A salad, a burrito, and a pasta. I have come to appreciate our national fish, Bangus (milk fish), even more after having a taste of these unique, delectable sampler dishes prepared for us during the test kitchen event last week, hosted by Century Pacific Group, using Century Premium Boneless Bangus.  This is the … Continue reading

Foodie Friday: Spicy Tuyo Spaghetti

First Friday of the month: Mom-Cook / Recipe As I write this food post, I’m already thinking of what variation I can do with this very simple yet flavorful pasta dish in garlic oil, which took me less than 30 minutes from prep to plating. I rarely measure ingredients when I cook, so you could … Continue reading

Random Cravings of Pasta, Cake and Coffee

What better way to start the week than with something savory, sweet and deliciously sinful!  Picture this… Rich, creamy, mocha frappé using a blend of native tablea chocolate and brewed coffee, topped with heavy whipped cream… Mocha Manila Frappe After my recent initiation of the best-selling Filipino dishes and sweets at Sérye Café Filipino, the … Continue reading

Foodie Friday: Creamy Salmon & Caviar Pasta

First Friday of the month:  Mom-Cook / Food I enjoy eating salmon occasionally. But I am a caviar virgin…until this dish came along. For the longest time, I was so curious how caviar tastes like, and why the rich and famous love this unbelievably expensive fish roe so much! I will not pretend to know … Continue reading

Fusili with Smoked Chorizo

First Friday of the month:  Mom-Cook Fusili with Smoked Chorizo — that’s the answer to my previous post. One of you guessed it right, and I did realize that all your answers can be correct too just based on the mystery photo alone 🙂  So, thanks a bunch to those who joined and tried to … Continue reading

Mom-Cook: What Pasta Dish is This?

How well do you know your pasta? This is just for fun, okay 🙂I can’t wait for Friday to post this, but I have to. Consider this as a teaser for my first-Friday-of-the-month food post. We just had this for dinner and I thought that for a first try at this simple pasta dish, it … Continue reading

Pasta Gambasetti a’la Mom-Friday

First Friday of the month:  Food / Mom-Cook It’s Good Friday today.  I did not even notice that the 40-day Lent has ended as I still clearly remember my salad post last Ash Wednesday. And it will be Easter in two days! As much I would like to fast this Holy Week, I can’t. Those … Continue reading

Baby’s First Foods, part 2

Feeding your baby for the first time will be a moment to remember, for any parent. It is a developmental milestone and for me, it has to be recorded in the baby book! Sitting up on the high chair with their spanking new bib, all ready with a colorful set of spoon and fork, it’s … Continue reading