Family Friday: 6 Favorite Kiddie Pastime & Bonding Activities

Second Friday of the month:  Kids / ParentingEveryday, my kids will have their ‘cat & dog’ fights, and some sweet moments in between.  It’s inevitable among siblings.  It doesn’t matter if they’re all boys or all girls, or both… they will kick, push, scream and fight, hug, play and laugh together. We’re no exception.The boy … Continue reading

Fun Friday: Watching Jellies at Manila Ocean Park

Third Friday of the Month:  Entertainment / Recreation Jellies, a.k.a. jelly fish or sea jellies, are translucent soft-bodied sea creatures with a basic body structure resembling an umbrella made of gelatinous material called mesoglea. The jellies don’t have a brain nor central nervous system. They only have a loose network or nerves stemming from their … Continue reading

Day-Out At Eton Centris Walk

A new commercial center right smack in the middle, or should I say corner, of busy EDSA and Quezon Avenue?  First time I’ve heard of Eton Centris, I cannot really visualize where and what this place is, so I have got to see it first hand. The family took the opportunity to visit the place … Continue reading

Mommy Moments: Kids and Amusement Rides

Tea Cup ride, Carousel, Mini-Ferris Wheel, Crazy Bus. Young kids can demand so many rounds on their favorite amusement rides once they get started. And they want to ride ’em all till they drop! Here’s my share of those fun (and dizzying!) rides with the kiddos for this week’s Mommy Moments. Having a blast, this … Continue reading

A Quickie from The Cliff House to Nuvali

Third Friday of the month:  Travel & Leisure Don’t be misled by the title.  This is a family blog, so read on (“,) It was a bright and sunny Mother’s Day and the family spent half the day from Tagaytay to Sta. Rosa, Laguna. The plan was to have a nice and relaxed lunch at … Continue reading

Clark Field Educational Tour: Zoocobia & Paradise Ranch

I consider being a full-time mom to be a privilege. And one of the perks is that I am able to participate and be involved, whenever I choose to, in my children’s school activities. Aside from the kids’ special programs and school events, what I really look forward to are their exposure trips.  No doubt, such trips … Continue reading

Clark Field Educational Tour: Air Force City & Nayong Pilipino

Third Friday of the month:  Travel and Leisure Assembly: 7:00 a.m.  Departure: 7:30 a.m.  ETA: 9:00 a.m.  Destination: Clark, Pampanga Air Force City, Clark Field Early this year, the kids and I had the wonderful opportunity to be a part of this educational trip to the former U.S. air base — Clark Field, in Angeles … Continue reading

Tagaytay Family Holiday, Album 2: Paradizoo

Farm Animals, Vegetable Farm, Flower and Evolution Garden, Perpetual Park, Butterfly Garden, Honey Bee Farm, and a host of in-house facilities and activities are available for visitors of all ages in this private-owned zoo and farm.  Welcome to Paradizoo! What to do and where to go with four kids in tow?  I took a cue … Continue reading

Weekend (Cheap) Thrills

Ah, Friday… time for some relaxing days ahead…a respite for tired, busy bodies from the week’s load. But for a parent like myself, having a “me time” over the weekend is a luxury, even a secret indulgence for some. With kids around, plans can always change in a snap. A play group on a Saturday … Continue reading

In Living Color: Double Take

For a parent like me, and to soon-to-be parents, seeing a picture of your bundle of joy always puts a smile on your face. I value those precious moments that I capture for posterity, as those images will be your keepsake for your children. I am not adept at the technical aspects of choosing the … Continue reading