Talks on Wellness & Nutrition, part 2

“Kain lang ng kain (just keep eating)…you’re eating for two” is always the line that pregnant women hear from well-meaning family and friends — I myself did not escape this prodding. There’s really no question when it comes to eating right during pregnancy as wellness begins from the womb. And now, to continue the series … Continue reading

Talks on Wellness & Nutrition, part 1

“You are what you eat.”  I’ve read this saying hundreds of times and I know this is true. Our health and well-being not only depends on what we do to keep fit, but more importantly, what we feed our bodies. And in recent years, people grew more and more conscious about eating and living right, … Continue reading

Soy Silky Smooth

Let this be my first post on our (brainchild of Folie a Deux author, Jen) attempt to start Sweet Sunday Treats – sharing our own discoveries and sweet creations to all of you. I just emptied a box of this healthy beverage and thought I’d put this in. Though this is not really considered a … Continue reading