Reality Check: Then and Now

Funny, sad, but true!I got this from an email and was just so amused by these illustrations about how we evolved… look, read, and maybe laugh.Here’s the reality that is the 21st century. Peace! Sorry, I don’t know who made these illustrations, or where they originated from. If any of you know the source, drop me … Continue reading

Christmas Wish List: What Women (Wives) Want

Second Friday of the month:  Family Friday – Homemakers / WivesFor this Family Friday post, I have decided to focus on what women want for Christmas. Well, in particular, what wives want! The wife and the mother are what we call in Filipino ilaw ng tahanan – the light in their homes that guide the family. … Continue reading

2011 Resolutions? Pass The Message…

I have just read this wonderful post by Jenni Epperson, who also got this list from a friend. As I read through it, I really wish I could accomplish as many from this checklist, which I’m now sharing with you (unedited): Setting our roles in print, his+hers humor tees we wore on new year’s eve … Continue reading