Fun Friday: What Makes a Fun-tabulous Kiddie Party?

Third Friday of the month:  Parties / Celebrations11 children’s parties over 16 weeks. Imagine that! These happy events filled most of our weekends since late June.  I didn’t even include the invitation for tomorrow, and still expecting a couple more ’til December.  As I write this, I remember counting all the preggy ladies I know … Continue reading

Foodie Friday: Red Ribbon’s Barbie Birthday Cakes

First Friday of the month:  Food / Birthday Cakes Red Ribbon invites you to come in your fiercest pink ensemble for a Barbie Fashionista Birthday Bash! This was my invite to a mother-daughter event and having Red Ribbon + Barbie together was my guarantee to one fabulous party — something we wouldn’t want to miss. … Continue reading

The Girl is 3

“I’m three years old…I’m already big…I’m the leader of the kids”, proclaimed my precious little girl as I greeted her this morning. This post is dedicated to our lovely daughter who’s always pretty in pink, sugar and spice, and everything nice (“,) What Is a Daughter? A daughter is a rainbow bubblea star glimmering in … Continue reading

The Boy is 6

“The time goes by so quickly. Precious moments need to be shared while they can. The lives of children move on so swiftly, and there are so many days that are already memories.  Of all the things I have come to understand, the best is to cherish today — before it’s too late. Don’t worry … Continue reading