Mom-Finds: By Nature Handmade Soaps & Insect Repellent

Last Friday of the month:  Finds and Faves / Personal care productsI often indulge in non-commercial, natural soaps since I treat my bath or shower time as my daily dose of personal pampering even for just ten minutes.  There are a handful of brands I’ve tried and most of them I’m very satisfied with.  One … Continue reading

And Another One Bites…

“Mommy, what’s that black…what’s that black on your leg…?”(Whack!!! And it drops.) When there’s rain, can mosquitoes be far behind? It’s still the rainy season here and these insects abound. I don’t have to tell you what deadly diseases they can bring — dengue, malaria among others. In the past few days alone, I slapped … Continue reading