Champion Flash Fashion Show

There’s flash mob dancing, then flash mob singing.  I’ve seen some on TV and on YouTube. I found them quite entertaining. But have any of  you seen a flash fashion show? Picture this:Models wore designer clothing.Supermarket aisles were used as runway.Models “attack” each other with ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise! Make sense? Some weeks back, a flash … Continue reading

Home-Style: A Splash of Red, Black and White

I’m really glad that there are five Fridays on my birth month. For the regulars here, you know that having five Fridays in a month would make the 4th one as an anything-goes post, thus Freestyle Friday. It’s also the best time to launch a new section for the blog — and this one has … Continue reading

Techni-Ice Reusable Hot and Cold/Ice Pack

Traditional ice pack, ice wrap, gel ice pack, hot and cold gel packs, we have them all. Having very active kids in the house, getting bumps and bruises of all sizes are inevitable, so ice packs remain the most used tool for first aid, aside from plaster strips! When I received my samples of heavy … Continue reading

Fun Friday: Cupcake Baking with Kids

Third Friday of the month:  Recreation / Kids / Fun activityGetting kids involved in baking and cooking have always been fun, messy, and educational at the same time.  When this cupcake baking kit was sent for us to try, I excitedly scheduled a ‘bake date’ with my girl who loves to whisk, and eat cakes. “Bright … Continue reading

Family Friday: Pets and Kids, part 2

Second Friday of the month:  Home / Kids / Pets“I want to have a bird for my birthday.”“Did you know birds eat nuts?”“I want a rainbow bird.”After reading an article about love birds and parakeets to my girl sometime late last year, my girl can’t stop reminding us about her wish to have a new … Continue reading

Reality Check: Then and Now

Funny, sad, but true!I got this from an email and was just so amused by these illustrations about how we evolved… look, read, and maybe laugh.Here’s the reality that is the 21st century. Peace! Sorry, I don’t know who made these illustrations, or where they originated from. If any of you know the source, drop me … Continue reading

Advocating Anti-Bullying in Schools

Second Friday of the month:  Schooling / Parenting“Bullying is a form of aggressive behavior manifested by the use of force or coercion to affect others, particularly when the behavior is habitual and involves an imbalance of power.  It typically involves subtle methods of coercion such as intimidation. ” – Wikipedia (Taken from Reedley International School website; … Continue reading

What’s New With You this New Year?

I just had an hour or so of pampering (a.k.a. “me time”) days ago and I felt recharged and inspired…it’s my first treat for myself this year! That said, it made me do a random post about what’s new — with me, with the family, at home, to usher in the new year. I got … Continue reading

Images of Our Christmas 2011

Hello dear readers, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!Our celebration this year has been more austere, but meaningful nonetheless, spent with family. Food, presents, trimmings all around… we still have them. But it’s been all about the children, about thanksgiving, and sharing. Some images of our Christmas this year: The thrill of the Christmas … Continue reading

Mom-Grocer: How Much are Your Grocery Items?

First Friday of the month:  Food / Grocery Have you ever compared prices of goods from different supermarkets or grocery stores where you shop?Do you consider the prices of regular items that you buy for your family?  Are you conscious of price differences for goods and services that you avail of? Photo from: Today’s … Continue reading