Champion Flash Fashion Show

There’s flash mob dancing, then flash mob singing.  I’ve seen some on TV and on YouTube. I found them quite entertaining. But have any of  you seen a flash fashion show? Picture this:Models wore designer clothing.Supermarket aisles were used as runway.Models “attack” each other with ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise! Make sense? Some weeks back, a flash … Continue reading

Mom-Grocer: Binggrae Korean Ice Cream Bars

First Friday of the month:  Foodie Friday / GroceryToday is Good Friday. A religious holiday where we commemorate Jesus Christ’s suffering and crucifixion. It’s day of repentance, of fasting, and abstinence for many Catholics.  I chose not to eat meat today. I can’t fast — I’ll faint if I do. Seriously.Since I’m abstaining from meats, … Continue reading

Foodie Friday: Honey Bagoong Fried Rice

First Friday of the month:  Cooking / Recipe First food post for the month and I chose this dish that you will either like, or won’t like. Some may find the sauce stinky, while others will savor the unique exotic flavor. Let me get to main ingredient for today’s Mom-Cook post — bagoong! Bagoong is … Continue reading

Mom-Grocer: How Much are Your Grocery Items?

First Friday of the month:  Food / Grocery Have you ever compared prices of goods from different supermarkets or grocery stores where you shop?Do you consider the prices of regular items that you buy for your family?  Are you conscious of price differences for goods and services that you avail of? Photo from: Today’s … Continue reading

Mom-Grocer: Lipton Original Flavor Milk Tea

Since late last year, with the surge of bubble tea places within our neighborhood, I’ve been constantly craving for ice-cold milk tea and trying different sinkers to combine with it.  If you’re like me, then this instant powder mix is the answer to those days when you need your milk tea fix and just don’t … Continue reading

Mom-Grocer: Glico Pretz & Pocky Biscuit Sticks

My kids are not the only one that need to snack on something during the day and even before bedtime. I always crave for food items to munch on and these pretzel sticks are great tummy fillers. Can’t remember when I started buying these biscuit sticks, but I know it’s because of my girl.  If … Continue reading

Dirty Dozen and Clean 15: Pesticides in Produce 2011

I regularly receive newsletters from Environmental Working Group.  A few months back, they sent this updated list and since July is Nutrition Month, I thought I’d share this very useful guide to all of you, which I’m sure many of you already know by now —  EWG’s Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce. The Shopper’s Guide to Pesticide in … Continue reading

Mom-Grocer: Danesita Cookies – Apple and Figs Strudel

Mom-Grocer: Danesita Cookies One fine day at the supermarket, I was off to find some snacks for myself (and for the kids too! hehe).  I chanced upon a stack of nicely packaged imported cookies. I guess it’s obvious with this new Mom-Grocer category that I enjoy trying foodie discoveries from the grocery aisles. The latest … Continue reading

Mom-Grocer: Magnolia Popsies

First Friday of the month:  Food / Grocery It’s the first Friday of the month and if you’re a regular reader, you might be expecting Foodie Friday with a recipe or a dining post for today.  Well, there’s something new and a bit different. Since May is my anniversary month, I planned some new additions … Continue reading

Craving for California Crunch Cassava Chips

That’s a tongue-twister for a title don’t you think so? And it’s true, I’ve been craving for crunchy cassava chips after sampling a bag recently. I’ve had cravings for different types of chips in the past — there was a phase of munching pork rind cracklings, popcorn, caramelized banana chips, camote (sweet potato) chips, and … Continue reading