Mom-Finds: Giga and Ilog Maria Soaps

Last Friday of the month: ┬áMom-FindsImagine the cool, relaxing scent of mint wafting through the air…it’s like you’re walking into a spa. That’s how I felt after using this bath soap for the first time and it made me look forward to my daily showers after a tiring day. I rarely splurge on beauty or … Continue reading

And Another One Bites…

“Mommy, what’s that black…what’s that black on your leg…?”(Whack!!! And it drops.) When there’s rain, can mosquitoes be far behind? It’s still the rainy season here and these insects abound. I don’t have to tell you what deadly diseases they can bring — dengue, malaria among others. In the past few days alone, I slapped … Continue reading