Mom-Style: Dress Up for the Holidays

Freestyle Friday:  Fashion / StyleThe reality is, I don’t have anything special to wear for the holiday reunions and parties lined-up in the days leading to the new year.  I never had.  But wouldn’t it be fun to get all glammed-up for the holidays?  I guess I’d have to settle on playing (virtual) dress-up for … Continue reading

Raffle Time: Blockbuster Treats from FlapJacks

Fourth Friday of the month:  Freestyle Friday / Giveaways It’s the comeback of FlapJacks’ blockbuster favorites and I was delighted to be invited to dine and sample these dishes. Our family enjoys dining at their Greenhills branch so I did not hesitate to accept this treat.  Plus, they gave me Gift Cards to raffle off to my … Continue reading

Freestyle Friday: When Kids Sing Lady Gaga

Freestyle Friday:  Kids’ Video This month of July has 5 Fridays. Today is the 4th, so it’s time for Freestyle Friday….anything goes. For the first time in my blog, I will be sharing one of many videos I recorded of the boy and the girl singing and humming their favorite tunes.  Aside from the very … Continue reading

Freestyle Friday: Images from our Visita Iglesia

Freestyle Friday :  Holy Week Today is Good Friday. I originally wanted to skip this Friday as part of my self-imposed ban from social media on this holy day.  But I made a commitment to you on having a regular Friday post. Coincidentally, it’s the 4th of 5 Fridays for this month, so…it’s Freestyle Friday, and … Continue reading

Warm Wishes For Christmas

From my family to yours, we wish you all a joyous and peaceful Christmas! (card design from I hope you all get your Christmas wishes! Happy Holidays!!! If you enjoyed this post, feel free to share it! Stay connected and Follow me on Google friends, Facebook and Twitter @mymomfriday, or Subscribe here via email … Continue reading

Mom-Style: Spotlight on Stylish Moms

Freestyle Friday :  MOM-STYLE / KID-STYLE It’s Freestyle Friday once again, anything goes, and so I’m taking this opportunity to introduce a new category that I’m really excited about — a showcase of beautiful mommas, and kids, expressing their individuality through their personal sense of style.Mom-Style will serve as my platform to put the spotlight on … Continue reading

Freestyle Friday: Shoe Tales

I love shoes.  Even more than bags.  And my fondness for shoes are now carried over to children’s shoes — the subject of today’s Freestyle Friday. Look at what I found after doing some clean-up of the little girl’s closet days ago… …my old toddler shoes!  Wow, if these shoes could talk! Can you believe … Continue reading

Freestyle Friday: The Girl and The Bob

Freestyle Friday:  The Bob Cut  Today, I am launching another Friday category — FREESTYLE FRIDAY. So what is Freestyle Friday? If you were following my blog for sometime now, you may have noticed the ‘renovation’ and improvements I have made over the last several weeks, which included a fixed category for all 4 Fridays of … Continue reading

What Am I Blogging About?

I have decided to organize my entries according to the following schedule and hope you would (continue to) follow me through all My Fridays, and in-betweens (“,).  I am committed to only write about my personal experiences, thoughts, discoveries, products and services that I truly like and believe in, and share my interests and passions with … Continue reading