Mom-Grocer: Binggrae Korean Ice Cream Bars

First Friday of the month:  Foodie Friday / GroceryToday is Good Friday. A religious holiday where we commemorate Jesus Christ’s suffering and crucifixion. It’s day of repentance, of fasting, and abstinence for many Catholics.  I chose not to eat meat today. I can’t fast — I’ll faint if I do. Seriously.Since I’m abstaining from meats, … Continue reading

Foodie Friday: Honey Bagoong Fried Rice

First Friday of the month:  Cooking / Recipe First food post for the month and I chose this dish that you will either like, or won’t like. Some may find the sauce stinky, while others will savor the unique exotic flavor. Let me get to main ingredient for today’s Mom-Cook post — bagoong! Bagoong is … Continue reading

Foodie Friday: Rainbow (Birthday) Cupcakes

First Friday of the month:  Food Find / DessertFirst Foodie post for 2012 — let’s make it bright, sweet and colorful to usher is a bountiful year ahead!My girl will turn 5 on Sunday and has been anticipating her school “party” with her classmates. She can’t decide what theme or character she wants to use … Continue reading

Mom-Grocer: How Much are Your Grocery Items?

First Friday of the month:  Food / Grocery Have you ever compared prices of goods from different supermarkets or grocery stores where you shop?Do you consider the prices of regular items that you buy for your family?  Are you conscious of price differences for goods and services that you avail of? Photo from: Today’s … Continue reading

Foodie Friday: Home-cooked Favorites

First Friday of the month:  Recipes Lately, I’ve been looking back at my past food posts and several recipes I found online to get ideas for my menu planning in the coming weeks.  Time to “recycle” and prepare these dishes again for the family to enjoy.   These are some of my favorites, most of … Continue reading

Foodie Friday: Red Velvet Cake & Malted Milk Ice Cream

First Friday of the month:  Food finds Satiating my sweet tooth… and yours.   Carla & Elaine’s Red Velvet Cake and Carmen’s Best Artisanal Ice Cream. These are my (overdue) sweet discoveries that deserve to be shared. I regularly crave for sweets and always try to leave room for desserts like cakes and ice cream. … Continue reading

Foodie Friday: Fresh Lettuce Wrap and Spring Roll

First Friday of the month: Recipes / CookingMy recipe for today was inspired by a well-loved specialty Chinese dish — minced Peking duck in lettuce roll.  I obviously don’t have access to roast duck on an ordinary day, and from time to time, I crave for something fresh and filling like this, different from our … Continue reading

Foodie Friday: D.I.Y. Soft Tacos

First Friday of the month:  Food / Recipe If there’s one thing that the kids and I enjoy doing together, it’s preparing their food in the kitchen or on the dining table.  No matter how small their involvement in the whole process, they feel big and proud that they did something and say “Look, I made … Continue reading

Foodie Friday: Garlic Mushrooms

First Friday of the month:  Mom-Cook / Recipes“Oooh, my favorite… mushrooms!”That’s what you’ll hear from my girl whenever I serve this super simple starter.  Well, we actually eat this with plain steamed rice! Whenever I am short of one more viand to serve, or when I feel that what I’ve prepared were not enough, I … Continue reading

Mom-Grocer: Magnolia Popsies

First Friday of the month:  Food / Grocery It’s the first Friday of the month and if you’re a regular reader, you might be expecting Foodie Friday with a recipe or a dining post for today.  Well, there’s something new and a bit different. Since May is my anniversary month, I planned some new additions … Continue reading