Family Friday: Pets and Kids, part 2

Second Friday of the month:  Home / Kids / Pets“I want to have a bird for my birthday.”“Did you know birds eat nuts?”“I want a rainbow bird.”After reading an article about love birds and parakeets to my girl sometime late last year, my girl can’t stop reminding us about her wish to have a new … Continue reading

Easy Recipes with Century Boneless Bangus

Unique bangus degustation:  A salad, a burrito, and a pasta. I have come to appreciate our national fish, Bangus (milk fish), even more after having a taste of these unique, delectable sampler dishes prepared for us during the test kitchen event last week, hosted by Century Pacific Group, using Century Premium Boneless Bangus.  This is the … Continue reading

Yummy Yoshinoya Century Bangus Kabayaki for Lent

Kabayaki: A generic Japanese term for a seafood dish that is filleted, deboned, and dipped in a sweet soy sauce-based sauce before being broiled on a grill. – Century Pacific Group (Century Bangus) For a limited time only, this Bangus Kabayaki is the Lenten season offering of popular Japanese food chain Yoshinoya, known for their best-selling beef bowls. … Continue reading

Shark Tales…And Tails!

WARNING:  In case there are kids around, before you scroll further, make sure you can answer their “how”, “why”, “what”, and more “why” questions after seeing this.  Rated: PG. I woke up to a sunny Sunday morning…slept in ’til a little past 9…did my thing, went to the kids’ room and kissed them good morning…then … Continue reading

Foodie Friday: Pan-Seared Sole Fillet and Basil

First Friday of the month:  Mom-Cook / Recipe The simplest meal can be the most delicious…That’s how I felt after savoring my fragrant, moist, melt-in-your mouth sole fillet for dinner the other week. I always stock on fish fillets in the freezer for those days, and nights, when I want something light and nutritious for … Continue reading

Foodie Friday: Creamy Salmon & Caviar Pasta

First Friday of the month:  Mom-Cook / Food I enjoy eating salmon occasionally. But I am a caviar virgin…until this dish came along. For the longest time, I was so curious how caviar tastes like, and why the rich and famous love this unbelievably expensive fish roe so much! I will not pretend to know … Continue reading

Tanigue Garlic Steak

Consider this an express dish — 15 minutes tops.  Delicious and quite healthy too! Tanigue (Spanish Mackerel) fish steak, pan seared in olive oil and lotsa garlic. Does it ever get more simple than this? Garlic is my number one spice and is a staple in the kitchen. I think anything with garlic is good! … Continue reading

Crunchy Panko on Asuhos Fillets, et al

Crunchy chicken, crunchy fish, crunchy pizza, crunchy everything…that’s what you’ll hear from the kids every so often when it’s meal time. Panko, the Japanese bread crumbs is a staple in my kitchen as it gives that light, crispiness to everything I coat it with. Most often, fillets of fish, pork cutlets, and slices of tofu … Continue reading

Steamed ‘King Fish’ In Light Soy

This pink-skinned, tilapia-looking fish that I often see swimming in aquariums at the wet section of supermarkets is actually a Red Tilapia, a hybrid. They are a cross between tilapia species namely the Florida Red, Taiwan Red, Blue tilapia and Nile tilapia. Some refer to this as King Fish, Red Nile fish or Pearl Fish. … Continue reading