A Father’s Day Greeting

A father is a guide on the journey to adulthood, a teacher of morals and values.He listens to problems and helps to find their solutions.He is a friend, always there to share the good and the bad.He is someone who gets respect because he deserves it, trust because he earns it, and love because of … Continue reading

Tale of Two Dads

“Blessed indeed is the man who hears many gentle voices call him father!” — Lydia M. Child A tale of two daddy J’s — my J and my papa J Soon after I took this shot of J and my papa on our recent family outing, I showed this to him (J) and teased him … Continue reading

The Daddy (Hubby) Wish List

It’s time for the man of the house to have HIS day on Sunday.  Though, honestly, I’ve noticed that Moms’ day has always been a bigger deal than Dads’ day don’t you think?  🙂 Anyhow, for this Father’s Day week, I have compiled some really cool stuff that has ranked high on the daddy / … Continue reading