Pets and Kids

Second Friday of the month:  Family and Pets “Mommy, let’s buy an angel fish.”“Daddy, I want a bunny…now!”“Mommy, let’s get a new doggie and I’ll name him Buster.” The kids actually said those words.Since we moved to our current abode two years ago, with our pet poodle in tow, our home has never been lacking … Continue reading

Welcome 2010 With Joy and Remembrance

A new year brings new resolutions, new goals, new challenges, new discoveries, new blessings. It took me two days contemplating on what I will write about on my first new year entry.  And this is the first time I missed my Friday post. I want to begin by saying ‘Thank You’, and welcome 2010 with … Continue reading

‘Ironman’ and ‘Tinkerbell’ Missed The Treats

 Who were you wearing for Holloween? We missed sending the kids to ‘Trick or Treat’ yesterday. Sad, yes. We did had a plan for the day. But it was not meant to be. And with the early morning howler winds banging on our roof, gate and windows, electricity was cut off across the region with … Continue reading