Vote and Empower the Youth with Unilab Ideas Positive

“Can your idea paint a healthier future for the Philippines?“ This is the challenge of Unilab Ideas Positive. United Laboratories (Unilab) has initiated a project-based advocacy campaign to empower the youth, tap their creativity and social purpose in helping improve community health and wellness with their unique ideas and make them a reality through Unilab Ideas Positive … Continue reading

I Finally Won A Blog Contest

Mom-Friday is a WINNER!  Not just 1, but 2 prizes! Awesome! After more than a year of blogging, and trying my luck at joining a handful of blog contests and raffle promos, I finally hit jackpot one fateful Friday morning of September. Winning Entry #5 My girl Jen, traveling mama of Folie a Deux, ran … Continue reading

And the WINNERS of Tutti Frutti (Centris Walk) Fro-Yo Treats Are…

Congratulations to the winners of Tutti Frutti Centris Walk Fro-Yo Treats! Top 2 Entries – Raffle A from My Mom-Friday Followers:It’s Alfonso and Tetcha! Alfonso 08/31/2010 03:35 PMI like to try Cappucino, Strawberry Cheesecake, and P-Nut Butter of Tutti Frutti – Centris Walk! Tetcha 08/20/2010 11:56 AMI love fro-yo! I would love to try the … Continue reading

Fun Friday: WIN a Fro-yo Treat from TUTTI FRUTTI Centris Walk!

Third Friday of the month:  Fun & RecreationThere’s a fro-yo frenzy now sweeping the nation, and TUTTI FRUTTI blew me away with more than 40 flavors!!! Last weekend, the kids and I finally had a taste of one of the newest frozen yogurts in town — Tutti Frutti at Centris Walk. Tutti Frutti is a … Continue reading

Mom-Friday Make-Over Photo Contest – Mystery Prize Update

Three more days and I will be presenting the top three “candidates” for my new image header. I am so thankful to those who responded to my first ever blog contest. It’s still anybody’s ballgame and keep those entries coming! Your image might be the one I’m looking for as my new Mom-Friday blog site … Continue reading

Mom-Friday Make-Over Photo Contest – UPDATE

Having this contest is quite nerve-wracking as I do not know what to expect, really.  Will there be any participants at all? Are my prizes attractive enough? Will I be able to have choices before Friday?These are just a few of the questions in my head, stressing me out since I thought of the contest … Continue reading

Mom-Friday Site Make-Over Photo Contest

Wanted: New Header In line with my blog site make-over which I announced here earlier, I am very excited to give all of you a chance to be a part of this all-important phase in creating Mom-Friday’s new look.  A major element of any site is it’s overall theme, look and feel, which is mainly … Continue reading