What To Expect: Pregnancy & Parenting Guide Book GIVEAWAY

It’s positive — you’re pregnant!Recording first year milestones.Getting ready for the ‘terrible two’. Are you in any of the situations mentioned above? Do you know people who are?  I believe I have the perfect online resource site and guide books for you! During my first and second pregnancies, I only had two guide books I … Continue reading

Before Ever After + Baked Eggs = Bestsellers

“Shelley had fallen in love with Max’s baked eggs and cheese almost as soon as she had fallen in love with Max himself.  They were in Paris when he first made the dish for her and the tour group she had hastily joined.  Since then each forkful tasted like that morning—warm, buttery, and bursting with … Continue reading

Family Friday: 5 Critical Needs for Emotionally Healthy Children

Second Friday of the month:  Parenting / Family “Being a parent is one of the greatest joys that one experiences in life, but also one of the most difficult and anxiety provoking responsibilities any of us will ever have…yet we come to it almost totally unprepared, with little or no training.” – Dr. G. Newmark … Continue reading

Mom-Finds: Draw Books

Last Friday of the month:  Mom-Finds under P500 This is an impromptu post.  I just bumped off a Mom-Finds entry I was composing earlier and opted instead for this more inspiring, proud-mommy moment. I rarely brag about my kids.  But with this artwork, my boy has really amazed me, and once again proved how good … Continue reading

His Needs, Her Needs: Marriage in the 21st Century

Second Friday of the month:  Marriage “The greatest thing that a parent can do for their children is to love and respect their spouse.” Photo from wallpaper-s.org Parenting is rooted in good husband and wife relationship. And having a strong relationship is vital in child rearing.  This is what consultants Tibbs and Vangie Evalle are … Continue reading