Versatile Blogger Award

The Versatile Blogger : a versatile blogger means you have the ability and skills of embracing a variety of subjects which is useful and interesting to read. This is the second “blogger award” I have received ever since I became one more than a year ago.  I got my first, One Lovely Blog Award, here.  So … Continue reading

Day-Out At Eton Centris Walk

A new commercial center right smack in the middle, or should I say corner, of busy EDSA and Quezon Avenue?  First time I’ve heard of Eton Centris, I cannot really visualize where and what this place is, so I have got to see it first hand. The family took the opportunity to visit the place … Continue reading

Mommy Moments: Kids and Amusement Rides

Tea Cup ride, Carousel, Mini-Ferris Wheel, Crazy Bus. Young kids can demand so many rounds on their favorite amusement rides once they get started. And they want to ride ’em all till they drop! Here’s my share of those fun (and dizzying!) rides with the kiddos for this week’s Mommy Moments. Having a blast, this … Continue reading

Anatomy of a School (Trolley) Bag

Second Friday of the month:  Family Friday – Schooling No. This is not the girl’s bag.  She can’t possibly have a bag that’s almost as heavy as her! Hers is that little pink backpack on top of big brother’s first ever (large) school trolley bag.  She just likes sitting on this wheeled one. Every since … Continue reading

Mom-Friday’s Peanut Butter & Banana French Toast

First Friday of the month:  Food, Mom-Cook I am counting the days ’til school opens and just planning what food to pack for the kids, among other things, is raising my stress levels lately. Honestly, I only have a few (count five fingers!) old-reliables that passed the test from my picky eaters. Now with a … Continue reading

Freestyle Friday: The Girl and The Bob

Freestyle Friday:  The Bob Cut  Today, I am launching another Friday category — FREESTYLE FRIDAY. So what is Freestyle Friday? If you were following my blog for sometime now, you may have noticed the ‘renovation’ and improvements I have made over the last several weeks, which included a fixed category for all 4 Fridays of … Continue reading