Happy, Hoppy Easter!

The girl told me what to draw. I drew the outline. She added ribbons. Then colored. This was last week. Perfect for today. Egg-painting time… HAPPY EASTER MY FRIENDS! Visit our Easter past: Easter Rabbits and other creature from the Ark Easter Egg Painting and Hunting I’d love to know your thoughts on this post. … Continue reading

Reality Check: Then and Now

Funny, sad, but true!I got this from an email and was just so amused by these illustrations about how we evolved… look, read, and maybe laugh.Here’s the reality that is the 21st century. Peace! Sorry, I don’t know who made these illustrations, or where they originated from. If any of you know the source, drop me … Continue reading

A Father’s Day Greeting

A father is a guide on the journey to adulthood, a teacher of morals and values.He listens to problems and helps to find their solutions.He is a friend, always there to share the good and the bad.He is someone who gets respect because he deserves it, trust because he earns it, and love because of … Continue reading

Fun Friday: The Art of Plants vs. Zombies

Third Friday of the month:  Hobby / RecreationMy kids love to draw. They draw everyday whenever they get the chance.  They get inspiration from their toys, the shows they watch, games they play, the memorable characters that make them sing and dance…whatever’s the favorite of the week.  It’s their number one creative outlet and they … Continue reading

Thoughts on Mother’s Day

Of all days, I couldn’t find the words to express myself this Mother’s Day.  I have so much in my mind right now and I thought I’d share some quotes that share my sentiments on this special day for moms. It is often difficult, tiresome and hard to be a mother, and there is never … Continue reading

Easter Egg Painting and Hunting

HAPPY EASTER Sunday! We really did not plan anything for Easter and so after having a lazy Sunday morning and ate spaghetti bolognese for lunch, I boiled some eggs and set an art day with the kids. I took out some colored markers, paint brushes and watercolor paint and the kids made their own Easter … Continue reading

A Valentine Poem

“Roses are red, viotets are blue, you are the Best and… I love you.” This was a Valentine project from my boy — a unique, crafty pop-up card. Yes, he misspelled “violets” and I’m guessing he wrote the word like how he heard it from the teacher, I’m sure. And it actually made this card … Continue reading

Fun Friday: Make-Your-Own Christmas Photo Cards

Third Friday of the Month:  Hobbies / Arts & RecreationIt’s that time of the year when we prepare for the coming holiday season with our gift lists, home decorating ideas, sumptuous party food recipes, and planning fun family get-togethers.  This season also inspires us to get in touch with friends and loved ones from across … Continue reading

Mom-Finds: Draw Books

Last Friday of the month:  Mom-Finds under P500 This is an impromptu post.  I just bumped off a Mom-Finds entry I was composing earlier and opted instead for this more inspiring, proud-mommy moment. I rarely brag about my kids.  But with this artwork, my boy has really amazed me, and once again proved how good … Continue reading

Fun Friday: Colorful Kiddie Crafts

Third Friday of the month:  Recreation and Hobbies  It’s back to school for the kids this week and allocating time for hobbies and recreation is still a must to keep them sane — and mommies too!  So for this post and the next, I’ll be sharing a few interesting stuff to busy their little hands. … Continue reading