Private Indoor Beach

“Mommy, time for the beach play…!!!”

A sunny day at the beach….uhm, bedroom beach I mean. =)

For no reason, the girl fancied her colorful umbrellas for this afternoon’s play time and asked me to join her for a “swim”. Good thing she was game at posing for me, and so here’s a peek at our colorful time at the “beach”.

She set-up the umbrellas on the sand (our bedroom rug), brought out a pail and shovel, laid down a mat (my scarf), placed a bridge (an ottoman) to “cross over the chair island”, and threw in some fishies (seahorse and dolphin plush dolls) to complete the whole production.

With her vivid imagination and a knack at weaving stories, plus a little help from Mr. Sun shining through our window, we have an instant beach to relax on and bask in the mid-afternoon sunshine — indoors!

Wanna join us on our beach? 😉

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