6 Sites of Inspiration

Since I began my web logs, a.k.a. blogs, over two years ago, I came across a multitude of personal blog sites that truly amazed and piqued by interest.  Most are local bloggers from the metro, while a number of them are from across the globe which adds a very unique flavor to my growing reading … Continue reading

Mom-Finds: Prairie Dress for Girls

Last Friday of the month:  Mom-Finds for girls / Fashion Shopping with my little girl is something I enjoy immensely.  There’s just so much cute stuff for girls and one just can’t have enough dresses and shoes!  I am certain that all you moms, aunts, God parents of these tiny misses would understand what I … Continue reading

Blogger’s Block?

12:27 a.m…I am just rambling here. I just need to publish something… now! It’s been a week since my last blog post about the eggs and I am just not feeling it.  I even missed my Fun Friday post because I fell ill Thursday night and was just too weak to do anything. I had … Continue reading

Before Ever After + Baked Eggs = Bestsellers

“Shelley had fallen in love with Max’s baked eggs and cheese almost as soon as she had fallen in love with Max himself.  They were in Paris when he first made the dish for her and the tour group she had hastily joined.  Since then each forkful tasted like that morning—warm, buttery, and bursting with … Continue reading

Send a GoodNote and WIN A GoodSkin Labs Product

Do you like to pamper your skin?Do you want the best skincare products for your face?Yes? 🙂 Here’s your chance to win for yourself any one of the breakthrough skin treatment products from GoodSkin Labs worth up to Php2,800! GSL produces highly-targeted skincare products with advanced formulas that ensure real and instant benefits, with long term results that are … Continue reading

Family Friday: Tiny Tea Party at Taibun

Second Friday of the month:  Family time / Kids “Daddy, I don’t wanna leave yet… let’s have a tea party first!” I can’t remember what triggered our cravings one lazy Sunday afternoon — hubby was thinking about having some sweets while I wanted to indulge in a slice of tablea chocolate cake. It was then decided … Continue reading

My Precious Alati Necklace

I WON this custom-designed archive neck piece from Dainy Mom’s blog contest! Alati pearl and peridot necklace by Gabriela Tatad Am I lucky or what?  This is, by far, the most precious of all the prizes I’ve won from joining blog contests over the past year. Thanks to Martine of Dainty Mom, I am now a proud … Continue reading

Smurfs Invasion!

The last time I went ga-ga over these adorable blue characters was when I was in 6th grade!!!  Who knew the Smurfs would find their way into 2011, with a movie to boot, and charm this new generation of tech-savvy kiddies like my boy and girl. We got four Smurfs from our latest order of McDonald’s … Continue reading

Foodie Friday: Fresh Lettuce Wrap and Spring Roll

First Friday of the month: Recipes / CookingMy recipe for today was inspired by a well-loved specialty Chinese dish — minced Peking duck in lettuce roll.  I obviously don’t have access to roast duck on an ordinary day, and from time to time, I crave for something fresh and filling like this, different from our … Continue reading

Judy Ann Santos endorses Johnson’s Baby Milk Bath

“Now that I’m already a mom, I find it hard to leave the house and spend time away from my loved ones.  When you’re a mother, you are faced with decisions that will have a huge bearing on your family and children.” – Judy Ann Santos – Agoncillo Agoncillo family photo courtesy of J&J Last … Continue reading