Mom-Finds: Sassy Hairsies Accessories for Girls

Last Friday of the month: Mom-Finds for Girls / Accessories“I like it mommy! Can I wear it to school?“As soon as the package arrived, I called the girl and said there’s a surprise gift for her.  She was so excited and quickly opened the box. Out came two very dainty, sassy, and adorable hair bands … Continue reading

Mom-Style: Christine, the Manila Fashion Observer

Preppy, cool, simple, fashion savant.  That is how I would describe this stylish mother of one after getting to know her through our online interactions and from following her exploits shared on her popular blog site. Swingin’ Singapore is where home is, and this young and well-traveled mom shares a slice of her life with Mom-Friday’s Mom-Style … Continue reading

Freestyle Friday: When Kids Sing Lady Gaga

Freestyle Friday:  Kids’ Video This month of July has 5 Fridays. Today is the 4th, so it’s time for Freestyle Friday….anything goes. For the first time in my blog, I will be sharing one of many videos I recorded of the boy and the girl singing and humming their favorite tunes.  Aside from the very … Continue reading

What Insect is This?!?

For the longest time, I’ve been wondering what insect is this, hanging (sticking) on the wall, on the ceiling, on the cornices of our house, in the office, in school…. We even watched it pop its head in and out, with the worm-like body coming out of the “shell” and crawling up on the wall! … Continue reading

Fun Friday: Gadget-Free, Old-Fashioned Fun

Third Friday of the month:  Recreation / Hobby I was pondering about what I should post for today’s Fun Friday, and I realized that my feature a week ago was more appropriate for today. Consider this a follow-up.  All I have in mind right now is what I did to have fun when I was a … Continue reading

Top 5 Baby Wish List from NUMA Organic & Eco Baby Store

Just so we’re clear, I am not expecting.I am not a new mom.I don’t have a new niece nor nephew, and my Godchildren are big kids now.But for those of you who are expecting or have little ones, there’s a wider choice of super cool, eco-friendly baby products available in the market today! “NUMA (pronounce: new-ma) … Continue reading

Leather Satchel: Bag of the Moment

It’s still early for my Mom-Finds feature, but this is just too hot to hold off ’til the last Friday of the month so I’m gonna share my latest fab find now — locally-made handmade leather satchel! I’ve been following Frances Sales’ blog for sometime now and I am so happy to have met her in person … Continue reading

Family Friday: 6 Favorite Kiddie Pastime & Bonding Activities

Second Friday of the month:  Kids / ParentingEveryday, my kids will have their ‘cat & dog’ fights, and some sweet moments in between.  It’s inevitable among siblings.  It doesn’t matter if they’re all boys or all girls, or both… they will kick, push, scream and fight, hug, play and laugh together. We’re no exception.The boy … Continue reading

Dirty Dozen and Clean 15: Pesticides in Produce 2011

I regularly receive newsletters from Environmental Working Group.  A few months back, they sent this updated list and since July is Nutrition Month, I thought I’d share this very useful guide to all of you, which I’m sure many of you already know by now —  EWG’s Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce. The Shopper’s Guide to Pesticide in … Continue reading

Foodie Friday: D.I.Y. Soft Tacos

First Friday of the month:  Food / Recipe If there’s one thing that the kids and I enjoy doing together, it’s preparing their food in the kitchen or on the dining table.  No matter how small their involvement in the whole process, they feel big and proud that they did something and say “Look, I made … Continue reading