Mom-Friday is Throwing a Blog Anniversary Blowout!

MY MOM-FRIDAY is turning 2 on May 9!!! I still can’t believe I’m a blogger.  I can’t even say it with a straight face… but I’m proud to be one. It’s almost 24 months since my first post on Mother’s Day of 2009, so I consider every mum’s day my blog anniversary as well. Thank … Continue reading

Soothing Foot & Body Massage at Nuat Thai Libis

Nuat Thai spa “provides relaxation and easing stress…unique in the sense that the massage is a dry massage applying acupressure to your body, relieving muscle aches and pains, anti-aging, improves blood circulation and relief of stress. These are just some of the benefits of Thai massage.” – I am a sucker for a good … Continue reading

Active Ambassadors Academy: Holistic Preschool Education

“Nurture and educate young children to be equipped with skills and knowledge for them to become globally competitive and successful ambassadors of positive change.” – AAA During a visit to Active Ambassadors Academy (AAA) earlier this month, some mom bloggers and I got to meet the wonderful and dedicated people behind this new educational institution located in … Continue reading

Easter Egg Painting and Hunting

HAPPY EASTER Sunday! We really did not plan anything for Easter and so after having a lazy Sunday morning and ate spaghetti bolognese for lunch, I boiled some eggs and set an art day with the kids. I took out some colored markers, paint brushes and watercolor paint and the kids made their own Easter … Continue reading

Freestyle Friday: Images from our Visita Iglesia

Freestyle Friday :  Holy Week Today is Good Friday. I originally wanted to skip this Friday as part of my self-imposed ban from social media on this holy day.  But I made a commitment to you on having a regular Friday post. Coincidentally, it’s the 4th of 5 Fridays for this month, so…it’s Freestyle Friday, and … Continue reading

Psalm 91 – A Powerful Prayer for Protection

To everyone traveling this Holy Week, let me offer you this bible scripture for your safety and protection — PSALM 91. I began praying this, and even keep a tiny piece of print-out in my purse, after learning about it’s meaning and powerful words while I was still a single working girl. Since then, I’ve always … Continue reading

Subic Summer Retreat at Lighthouse Marina Resort

Third Friday of the month:  Fun / Travel and Leisure “Like a beacon that steers boats to shore, this magnificent establishment on the Subic waterfront can serve as a venue that beckons travelers seeking world-class comfort.”– http://www.lighthousesubic.comIt was a brief yet relaxing summer retreat for my family last week when we decided to forego a choice destination by … Continue reading

Craving for California Crunch Cassava Chips

That’s a tongue-twister for a title don’t you think so? And it’s true, I’ve been craving for crunchy cassava chips after sampling a bag recently. I’ve had cravings for different types of chips in the past — there was a phase of munching pork rind cracklings, popcorn, caramelized banana chips, camote (sweet potato) chips, and … Continue reading

TOMATIS Method: Not Only for ADHD, Speech Delay and SPD

Second Friday of the month:  Family / Kids / HealthHaving the ability to hear does not mean you can listen.  Listening is voluntary.  When you can listen, you can learn better. Fidgety Lacks focus Easily distracted Sensitive to certain sounds Frequent need for repetition Clumsy and uncoordinated Seeks certain tactile sensations These adjectives may well … Continue reading

Freezines: Turista, Baking Press & Northern Living

I have to admit, I don’t really take time to sit down and read newspapers and magazines anymore especially when almost everything I need is right at my fingertips. With just a click of a button, information comes streaming down our monitors — for free!What got me reading print these days, aside from children’s story … Continue reading