I Won a Samsung Flash Band!

I WON A SAMSUNG FLASH BAND! woohooo! THANK YOU Ms. Jenni Epperson, you made my day again! http://welovejenni.blogspot.com/2011/03/jennirosity-day-samsung-flash-bands.html So here’s the very first thing that greeted me this morning when I logged in on Twitter: jenniepperson:  YOU WON! Batch 1: @mymomfriday (and 9 others) See top left Tweet I’d say “it pays” to be a … Continue reading

Mom-Finds: Yuko Aqua Gold Hair Repair Spray

Last Friday of the month:  Mom-Finds / Beauty product “Ang kapal ng buhok mo” (your hair is thick).  This is how most, if not all, people describe my hair whenever I go to a salon or during the very few instances when people take notice.  It is thick, and dark, and dull.   Oh well…I … Continue reading

Easy Recipes with Century Boneless Bangus

Unique bangus degustation:  A salad, a burrito, and a pasta. I have come to appreciate our national fish, Bangus (milk fish), even more after having a taste of these unique, delectable sampler dishes prepared for us during the test kitchen event last week, hosted by Century Pacific Group, using Century Premium Boneless Bangus.  This is the … Continue reading

Fun Friday: Watching Jellies at Manila Ocean Park

Third Friday of the Month:  Entertainment / Recreation Jellies, a.k.a. jelly fish or sea jellies, are translucent soft-bodied sea creatures with a basic body structure resembling an umbrella made of gelatinous material called mesoglea. The jellies don’t have a brain nor central nervous system. They only have a loose network or nerves stemming from their … Continue reading

Yummy Yoshinoya Century Bangus Kabayaki for Lent

Kabayaki: A generic Japanese term for a seafood dish that is filleted, deboned, and dipped in a sweet soy sauce-based sauce before being broiled on a grill. – Century Pacific Group (Century Bangus) For a limited time only, this Bangus Kabayaki is the Lenten season offering of popular Japanese food chain Yoshinoya, known for their best-selling beef bowls. … Continue reading

Sighted: Mom-Friday in PDI

Last Sunday, I received a text message from Tetcha, and few others, about our photo that made it in the papers — on the Philippine Daily Inquirer no less, and under the fabulous Ms. Tessa Prieto-Valdes’ column! It was this photo taken from the recent launch of the Ipanema Hot Sands Collection that was published. … Continue reading

Family Friday: Mommy ‘Me Time’

Second Friday of the month:  Motherhood I had several things planned for myself as I was counting down towards my natal day this year. That was Wednesday and I was only able to tick off one ‘to do’ from my very short list. I’ve been meaning to ask my girl friends what their favorite past … Continue reading

Healthy Strawberry-Yogurt Smoothie

Nothing beats a cool, healthy and refreshing drink on a sizzling hot day! This simple blend of frozen-fresh strawberries and yogurt is the answer. I did not plan to post this since it’s just so simple and I’m sure most of you had already whipped up something close to this, or exactly the same smoothie. It … Continue reading

Foodie Friday: Spicy Tuyo Spaghetti

First Friday of the month: Mom-Cook / Recipe As I write this food post, I’m already thinking of what variation I can do with this very simple yet flavorful pasta dish in garlic oil, which took me less than 30 minutes from prep to plating. I rarely measure ingredients when I cook, so you could … Continue reading

MacBook Air takes over Mom-Friday!

The Apple has landed! Helloooo sexy!!!I have to apologize for being a show off but I feel I need to post this now because, honestly, I rarely get excited with electronics. I am openly a non-techie-not-into-gadgets person and as long as my needs are met, I leave the model and specs for hubby to decide what … Continue reading