Longchamp Handbag Surprise

My reluctant Christmas gift:  Longchamp LM Metal Handbag from Citibank Rustan’s Card.

Longchamp LM Handbag in steel color (12″w x 11″h x 8″d) – photo from Longchamp website

When I read about this special offer in the papers last October, I so wanted to apply for a new credit card only for the free Longchamp LM Handbag. I like freebies! My friend Tina even blogged about it. But after checking the how-to’s, I lost interest and just kinda forgot all about it. Then, when I attended the Ultimate Taste Test event last month, I was approached by a Citibank agent who offered me the promo. To make the long story short, the agent facilitated my application and finally, a week before Christmas, my welcome package arrived!

I am now a Citibank Rustan’s Gold Card holder and a proud owner of a new steel-colored Longchamp LM tote.

Half of me was wishing I got the bag for free. But to tell you the truth, I was really not expecting to receive a Platinum card, which entitles new cardholders to a Free handbag. With the Gold card, the Longchamp bag can be availed at 60% off — still an awesome deal, with 12 months to pay at 0% interest! So off I went to Rustan’s, claimed this designer bag and charged it to my new gold card at only P288.33 (monthly installment for P3,460, from P8,650 list price). Hubby and I did not plan on getting anything for ourselves this year. But this came just in time, so I’ll consider this my Christmas gift. 😉

List price from Rustan’s @ P8,650

I stand corrected. I assumed, this being a “promo” bag, it will be in a small size. This LM bag actually is quite large — very roomy, lightweight, and a practical everyday tote bag, with an 18-inch zip-top opening and flat inside pocket.

There are no compartments though, so I placed a bag organizer to house all my stuff, and there’s still enough room for my dSLR! :))) Happiness!

You too can still get your own limited-edition Longchamp LM tote with an approved application by Jan. 31, 2011! Here’s how: Citibank Rustan’s Card.

Longchamp (pron.: long-shum)
LM Metal Handbag
Zip-top closure with leather flap snap and cowhide leather straps
In 2008, for its 60th birthday, Longchamp relaunched this line from the early 70s. LM stands for Longchamp Maroquinerie (leather goods).
Made in France

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