Mom-Finds: Porcelain Bowls @ Japan Home Center

Last Friday of the month:  Mom-Finds under P500 Form and function, AND everything at P88! SOLD! These gorgeous bowls and plates immediately caught my eye from the center aisle as soon as I entered the store.  I needed a spanking new set so I’m off to the counter in minutes. If you can see my … Continue reading

Port88 Weekend Bazaar

Do you enjoy shopping at bazaars? Well, there’s a big one happening this Saturday and Sunday at Megatent! Thought you might like to check this out for some great finds. Entrance fee is P50.  FREE entrance for ICAAA and AAXS cardholders. I am not a merchant here nor am I part of the organizer, which … Continue reading

Credit Card Rebates and Rewards — I LIKE!

Charge and save…does that make any sense with credit cards?   Apparently it does, for a limited time only. And these I ‘super like’! CitibankI was reading the newspaper yesterday and this full page ad of Citibank got my full attention with it’s latest rewards scheme.  As if the free movie passes were not enough, … Continue reading

Freestyle Friday: Shoe Tales

I love shoes.  Even more than bags.  And my fondness for shoes are now carried over to children’s shoes — the subject of today’s Freestyle Friday. Look at what I found after doing some clean-up of the little girl’s closet days ago… …my old toddler shoes!  Wow, if these shoes could talk! Can you believe … Continue reading

Mommy Moments: Kids and Amusement Rides

Tea Cup ride, Carousel, Mini-Ferris Wheel, Crazy Bus. Young kids can demand so many rounds on their favorite amusement rides once they get started. And they want to ride ’em all till they drop! Here’s my share of those fun (and dizzying!) rides with the kiddos for this week’s Mommy Moments. Having a blast, this … Continue reading

Fun Friday: Blackout Games and Activities

Third Friday of the month:  Recreation Typhoon Basyang hit the Philippine shores last Tuesday, affecting most of Luzon. Classes were abruptly suspended by noon. And with heavy rains and howling winds blowing across the region, a power outage surprised the populace minutes past midnight. While power was restored in some areas after lunch, our part … Continue reading

Anatomy of a School (Trolley) Bag

Second Friday of the month:  Family Friday – Schooling No. This is not the girl’s bag.  She can’t possibly have a bag that’s almost as heavy as her! Hers is that little pink backpack on top of big brother’s first ever (large) school trolley bag.  She just likes sitting on this wheeled one. Every since … Continue reading

Heavenly Cream Puff Craving

If you were to choose between a cupcake or a cream puff, which one would you rather have?   Obviously, I’d go for a cream puff anytime. Especially with this one. Just last weekend, my love for cream puffs was rekindled when I brought home a box of Beard Papa’s ‘fresh and natural cream puffs’ from … Continue reading

Foodie Friday: Homemade Tocino

First Friday of the month:  Food / Mom-Cook Sweet pork. That’s how I refer to tocino for the benefit of the kids whenever we have this viand for lunch or dinner.  Tocino is cured meat, Spanish for bacon. This tender and tasty red slices of meat, glazed and slightly charred when cooked, is a traditional … Continue reading