My Mom-Friday is 1: Happy Mother’s Day!!!

12 months of blogging.  Wow, I finally reached the 1-year mark!  

THANK YOU, thank you, thank youfor your encouragement and inspiration, for spending your precious time to read, to share your thoughts, or to simply drop by at the personal (web) journal of this multi-tasking mom.

My Mom-Friday was “conceived” on the eve of Mother’s Day 2009, and I took that as a sign to finally start a blog (web log) of my own, at the prodding of a very dear friend from the amazing Folie a Deux site. was created as my repository of collected information, parenting-related or otherwise. So every Mother’s Day will be a celebration of My Mom-Friday‘s anniversary as well. No other day could be better — a special day of recognition and gratitude for all the tireless, fearless and devoted moms.

I can still remember how I struggled for words while composing my maiden post since I haven’t written an article in almost half a decade! (I used to work at an advertising-PR-events agency where writing tag-lines, ad copy, and fielding short press releases were part of the daily grind).  I knew that my amateur writing skills have become more rusty through the years.  I thought, ‘How the h**l would I be able to publish a decent write-up?!?‘ Even once a week would be a challenge. And who will read them?

This was my first header, inspired by a “Mom” charm bracelet from Tiffany’s website.

Fast forward today, I am proud to have logged in a decent number of entries (106) and hits (close to 14,000) on my first 365 days as a mommy-blogger. Not too shabby.  But what would be most rewarding is knowing that somehow, I was able to bring something positive into your lives. While I learned a lot about myself through this blog, I also gained more knowledge, even friendships, from other inspiring sites that now make up my reading list. This time, I want to learn more about you, my dear readers. I want to make My Mom-Friday better for you.

Now, here’s a special note to all the amazing MOM-FRIDAYS out there — a re-print of my ‘Mother’ poem as a heartfelt greeting from me to you. You can also share this card to all the moms you know to show your love and appreciation. (Just right-click and save the picture).


Learn more about My Mom-Friday here, and how this blog all started.
Have a glimpse of my very first post with this poem, published via a print ad on May 9, 1999 — exactly 11 years ago tomorrow.

As you all know, it’s gonna be a big and memorable weekend for everyone in the Philippines.  Tomorrow will be Mother’s Day and on Monday, the Filipino people will elect a new president. Vote wisely people.

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5 Responses to “My Mom-Friday is 1: Happy Mother’s Day!!!”
  1. Happy Mother's Day and Congratulations on your blog's successful first year.

  2. Divina Pe says:

    Happy mother's day to you and congratulations on your first year. It's a double celebration. Salute to all mothers. You're doing great Michelle.

  3. Mom-Friday says:

    Tina, Divina – Thanks for the greets! Couldn't have done this without your support 🙂

  4. jen laceda says:

    Thanks, M, for the special mention. The blog world would be a lot lonelier without My Mom Friday! I am so happy you dove right in to this blogging world. You're so good at it, so keep up the excellent work. You really are Mom-Friday: an extraordinary parent, an effective writer, a social deliverer, and a creative force to be reckoned with! Happy Mother's and Mom-Friday's Day!

  5. Wow!! Happy anniversary to My Mom Friday and happy mother's day to you Michelle 😀 So glad to have stumbled upon your blog 🙂 more power!

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