Clark Field Educational Tour: Air Force City & Nayong Pilipino

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Assembly: 7:00 a.m.  Departure: 7:30 a.m.  ETA: 9:00 a.m.  Destination: Clark, Pampanga

Air Force City, Clark Field

Early this year, the kids and I had the wonderful opportunity to be a part of this educational trip to the former U.S. air base — Clark Field, in Angeles City, Pampanga. This all-day excursion was organized by my son’s school, DML Montessori, for all the Kinder and Prep students, joined by their parents. Some nannies, grannies, and siblings were also part of our large entourage.

With three bus-loads of eager and excited pre-schoolers, their companions, and DML sisters, the group left with an assigned tour guide on each bus and off we went on an almost 2-hour joy ride, north-bound.

First time on a tour bus, the girl eagerly joined big brother on this trip

Our itinerary covered three main attractions so while I was planning on this feature, I knew I have to do a series of posts again.  But this time, I will just present a photo essay with captions to make things simpler and, hopefully, allow for a better appreciation of the tour through these photographs.

First stop:  AIR FORCE CITY

The former Clark Air Field was now transformed into a theme park, sort of.  With its sprawling grounds, they now feature a play ground, some (relic) helicopters and fighter jet planes “parked” and on display for the public to marvel at and experience first hand what’s inside and how it feels like to be in these (grounded) aircrafts.

We were already so hot and sweaty just minutes after we arrived.  But the kids couldn’t care less and had their fun at the playground and eventually made the rounds exploring the choppers and jets.

I did not bring an umbrella. The scorching 10 o’clock sun was just too much for everyone so we did not stay too long out there. And frankly, there was really nothing more to see, so…

..time’s up!  I think M was not ready to leave yet…

So long Air Force City.

Second destination:  NAYONG PILIPINO

I still remember my own elementary school field trip at the old Nayong Pilipino (Philippine Village Theme Park) in Manila with the different regions of the country being represented by miniature natural wonders and tourist spots. It was like touring all the beautiful sites of the Philippines in one theme park!

Nayong Pilipino sa Clark Expo was completely different from the original park I knew back then.  I was expecting to see similar “sites” and “spots” from the old park.

Though this venue is bigger, I felt the place was lacking in breadth and depth in terms of showcasing the Philippine regions’ many scenic and historical sites. I believe there were still improvements and additional attractions in the works.  Too bad we did not get to see them at that time. But overall, the walking tour was very a educational and worthwhile experience, most especially for the students.

Live cultural dances with natives in their traditional costumes were presented to the delight of the audience, young and old.

Indigenous materials, art of weaving, wood carvings, hand-crafted utensils and other basic necessities in a typical Ifugao house were on display.

This stone house seemed to call on my curious boy as he bravely ventured into this dark cave-like abode.

Native weapons (bamboo bow & arrow made into toys), hand-carved bamboo flutes and more souvenir items were on offer at the Aeta Village.

As I pointed my camera towards them, these young boys quickly turned wacky and playfully posing for me as I clicked away. They were just so cheerful and carefree!

Banaue Rice Terraces…our very own natural wonder from the Ifugao Mountain Province.

I was too busy following the kids around while taking pictures during the tour, so I am guessing this is the Hero’s Plaza.

If the boy explored the Aeta’s stone house earlier, this girl went beyond the velvet ropes and had to have a closer look (and feel) at this charming vintage rocking horse.  She was just so fascinated by it. On its right was an antique tricycle (?)…well, it has three wheels so I assumed  🙂 .

We also passed by this beautiful macopa tree…I missed this crunchy fruit and couldn’t resist taking a shot. And over the bend is this impressive replica of the Barasoain Church.  The real one was built in 1630 in Malolos, Bulacan.

Toss a coin and make a wish!  This fountain sits across the Spanish colonnial plaza.

Boy walked, mommy followed.
Ooh, look, this hallway had really nice looking benches! (focus mom, focus) And oh, the boy also stumbled upon this gallery of heritage churches.

Because the group was big, and we really can’t catch up with the guided tour, we missed some interesting spots along the way. There are more amazing things to see and learn at the Nayong Pilipino in Clark. And maybe, after browsing through this series, you can plan your own adventure to Clark this summer and experience a slice of history with your friends and loved ones.

Next stop, Zoocobia Fun Zoo and Paradise Ranch!

Find out more about the park:
Nayong Pilipino sa Clark Expo

Open daily. For inquiries, call:
Tel. Nos.
(6345) 436-1718
+63916-684 0997
+63927-287 0097

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15 Responses to “Clark Field Educational Tour: Air Force City & Nayong Pilipino”
  1. jen laceda says:

    Wow, there's Nayong Pilipino at the Clark now? I'm glad the kids had fun! Like Mika, I am curious about the vintage rocking horse and the antique tricycle (?). And remind me again, what's macopa? Is that the fruit of the cashew nut? Those native fabrics are gorgeous also. They remind me of Central American weaving as well!

  2. I didn't even know there's a Nayong Pilipino in Pampanga… now there's a new place to take the kids when we visit lola.

    nothing much to see at air city, i took my kids there during valentine's when they also have the hot air ballon festival. but be prepared for the multitude of people…

  3. Mom-Friday says:

    Jen – I didn't know there is one until they announced the trip in school 🙂 Macopa is NOT the fruit of cashew nut hehe… it's firm and reddish pink on the outside and juicy white inside. It feels like a bell pepper when held, and similar to the crunch and texture of a turnip or singkamas when you bite through it. Best eaten chilled with rock salt! 🙂

    Tina – NP is very interesting, you should check it out, fee is less than P50 ata. I missed the hot air balloon festival 😦
    Watch out for my follow-up post.

  4. Amice says:

    I am also a mom . I read your blog and i am so excited to take my kids to Nayong Pilipino. Pero sa pampanga na pala. Where exactly in Pampanga? Wala kasi akong alam sa Clark. Sana ma help mo ko para ma experience din ng kids ko ang Nayong Pilipino. 🙂 Thanks

  5. Mom-Friday says:

    Amice – hi, you can check out their website for more details:
    It is located in Clark Freeport City (formerly Expo Pilipino) Pampanga
    Hope you enjoy your trip 🙂

  6. Tetcha says:

    Those fields trips are fun and educational, and judging from the pics, your kids (and I'm sure, you, too) had a wonderful time at Clark Field and in Nayong Pilipino! Happy MM! Here's my entry:

  7. MaiThreeBoyz says:

    I'm impresssed with the church replica most of all. Thanks for sharing this. I hope they will re-open Nayong Pilipino here in Manila soon. Happy MM!

  8. Mom-Friday says:

    Tetcha – I enjoyed this trip so much! 🙂

    Mai – I also miss the Manila park, been there only once during my field trip in elementary, and I'm sure it will be a hit again with today's generation. Yes, very impressive replica of Barasoain Church!

  9. Mom-Friday says:

    Joy – yes!! sabit lagi yan, hindi magpapaiwan, so doble gastos din ako! :)))

    Dorry – thanks you, we had so much fun 🙂

  10. Rcel says:

    Wonderful photos! Makes me miss my beloeved country even more! 🙂 Nayong Pilipino indeed reminds me of my Elementary Filipino! Ang ganda pala dyan! And that fruit tree– we call that Tambis in Visiyan, oh la la la, I miss that a lot na talaga! Nalalaway tuloy ako! Lol. Anyway, I super enjoyed this very rich in culture post. Thanks for sharing, sis! 🙂

    Sorry I'm late for my MM visit! But it will never be late to check out mine: Us @ the KASH Playground! Thanks and I hope to see you! 🙂

  11. Chris says:

    i am really excited to be able to go to zoocobia and nayong pilipino someday soon with the family! 😀

  12. Gina Lee says:

    wow, mas malapit na pala ngayon ang NAyong Pilipino… my sis will be here at PH soon and we are planning to go to Subic, pero parang mas malapit ata dito sa clark.. may I know if pwede po walk in?

  13. Mom-Friday says:

    HI Gina:
    I believe no need to reserve unless you're a big group and you like to have a tour.
    They are open daily, you can call:
    Tel. Nos.
    +6345 436 1718
    +63916 684 0997
    +63927 287 0097

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