Tagaytay Family Holiday, Album 2: Paradizoo

Farm Animals, Vegetable Farm, Flower and Evolution Garden, Perpetual Park, Butterfly Garden, Honey Bee Farm, and a host of in-house facilities and activities are available for visitors of all ages in this private-owned zoo and farm.  Welcome to Paradizoo!

What to do and where to go with four kids in tow?  I took a cue from my friend, The Phenomenal Woman, as I found inspiration from her family’s Paradizoo experience. So, here’s the second installment of our 2009 holiday album.
After checking-in at Taal Vista Hotel and a hearty Pinoy lunch at Leslie’s resto-grill, we then drove our way to Paradizoo Theme-Farm in nearby Mendez, Cavite. It was a 20-minute drive from Aguinaldo Highway. The farm is operated by the same owners of the popular Residence Inn & Zoo, another tourist destination in Tagaytay.

The farm was not all that spectacular and scenic, but more of having a provincial rustic charm. Very organic in every sense. So don’t expect a modern theme park ambiance as it is really a working farm where a variety of plants and fresh produce are on offer.
First to greet us on the tour was this large dromedary camel. What distinguishes this camel from the ones we usually see in the movies crossing deserts is that this one only has one (1) hump on it’s back. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a good angle to shoot it’s profile to show the single hump. Just for fun, read through the sign below and you may find yourself doing a spell-check 😉
With a friendly guide leading us up and down the path and around the farm, we were introduced to a number of animals we don’t commonly see in the city zoo. The tour gave us a better knowledge and appreciation for these friendly creatures as well as the flora and the produce grown on the property.
Mooo, Wagyu — beef of Japan! 
So this is the famous, and pricey, wagyu — the melt-in-your-mouth beef cubes / steaks. Sorry, couldn’t help but think of the steak when I saw the sign.  It described them as a pure Japanese breed of cattle dating back to 1830, and can live up to 20 years. They are dark, chocolate-brown colored cows that are relatively smaller than their heavier dairy cow brothers/sisters.
‘What are they looking at?’, you may wonder. Well, we were all waiting for the arrival of the famous Voltes-5!
I’m serious. Really!
Meet Voltes-5, the cow. So, what’s so interesting with this cow?

Look closely…closer…closer…

Voltes-5 has a 5th leg!!!  This so-called freak-of-nature cow has an extra leg and hoof dangling on the right side of his front leg.  Thus the name.
We also passed by several goats and kids, hogs and pigs in large pens, geese and chickens freely walking about. Can you spot the shy kid below?
As we cross the field, we spotted a lone scarecrow. I had my sister-in-law pose for a souvenir shot (“,)
The farm nurtures a variety of flowers, and grow assorted vegetables for agribusiness.  A few caught my eye, like this ‘Mickey Mouse’ plant. Also known as Nipple fruit, it has chemical and medicinal properties, and decorative as well.  It looked to me like it’s from the tomato family, and seemed like plastic fruits up close.
Getting this close to a bee was a first for me and I was so glad I was able to capture this one as it was pollenating, I guess.
Now correct me if I’m wrong here, but is my imagination running too wild when I thought this looked like The Grinch screaming and pointing a finger towards the sky as it gets frozen as a tree monster?
 There was an afternoon drizzle and these cousins still managed to continue with their curious discoveries.

And more wonderful discoveries along the way…

Can you believe these lettuce were like 2 feet high?!
Sss…slithering reptile was camera-ready to pose over our necks when we got to the farm’s log cabin. Well, we did not pose with this one if you’re wondering.
We all took a breather from the walking tour and the kids opted to circle around the cabin on rented bikes.
One of the elements in the farm that also caught my eye was their use of solid, natural wood for their tables and chairs, just like the ones found at the log cabin and cafe.  The distressed and antique look of these furniture reflects the Filipiniana theme.
 A golden tree of dried ears of corn stand proud in the field. Pure ingenuity.
These are my favorite shots from the whole trip. Pure emotion captured. My girl was pretty excited to catch a butterfly in the tent but quickly got so scared when it flew straight towards her, not knowing it landed directly on her cap!
Seeing this worm reminded me of one of my girl’s favorite book by Eric Carle, “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”.
And on we went to the bee farm…uhmmm, it was actually a gallery where we got to see and touch a honeycomb. There was also a viewing window of a small colony of bees.
The PerPETual Park, or pet cemetery, was totally unexpected yet logical since this is a farm with lots of animals. A most wonderful way to commemorate our dearly departed animal friends.  Sadly, we lost our own pet poodle Sushi when we got home the day after our visit.  Was this coincidence? Creepy.
One of the cutest and most adorable animals I saw in the farm is this miniature pony (?).
Fresh from the farm’s wide lettuce patch are these bountiful harvest of crisp greens.  Beside it was a crate of firm green tomatoes also on offer.
Paradizoo Theme-Farm proved to be the perfect choice for our live-wire gang of four, leaving everyone with a fun and unique learning experience that will surely be remembered for a long time. Even for just a day, the bonding time of the cousins are truly priceless.
And now they all went quack-ing out of the farm and ready to head back home for some downtime. Goodbye Paradizoo, we had an awesome time. ‘Till our next visit!
As soon as we left the farm, my parents, my brother and his family drove back home to the city. As for my crew, we headed back to our hotel for more R & R. To be continued… (“,)
Move on to Album 3.
Check out our Album 1

Paradizoo Theme-Farm
Km. 63 Panungyan Mendez, Cavite
Tel.:  (046) 413-1244 / 860-2238
Makati Office:
Tel.:  (632) 898-3695

16 Responses to “Tagaytay Family Holiday, Album 2: Paradizoo”
  1. Divina Pe says:

    Such a nice trip. Great capture of that snake but I don't like looking at it. But I like the butterfly photo and the really cute pony as well as the lettuces and tomato.

    I try to take photos with natural light as much as possible. First thing you need to learn is the ISO, aperture and shutter speed. Do you still have plans to take a class with Jo Avila. I think he's a fun instructor.

  2. Mom-Friday says:

    Divina – it was a really nice trip and the kids can't wait to go back. you're right, natural lighting is best and i'm just beginning to grasp the importance of aperture and shutter speed. For now I just use Auto ISO. Still want to take that course but need to find the best time 🙂

  3. Gigi says:

    these are great — and that butterfly was gorgeous, so spring-like. Thanks for sharing! I hadn't seen this installment, just the initial one, so ty for the heads-up din.

    Happy New Year, Michelle! = )

  4. Thanks for the link! 🙂

    I can see that they have made some improvements to the place. The photos are just lovely! Looking forward to the 3rd installment of your Tagaytay series.

  5. jen laceda says:

    Hi Lee,
    Looks like all the kids had fun! I was showing G the photos and she missed Mika so much. She said, “I want her to come to my home…” Aww. We miss all of you guys! 2011 ulit, we will visit – for Jessie's (Tita Agnes' eldest son) wedding. Tapos we head to Boracay, Palawan, and maybe CamSur? Suggestions naman…Then, I think we will go HK and Tokyo – miss ko na 'tong 2 cities! Can't wait for 2011!! Time to save up!!!

  6. Hi, found you through MM. I thought, “Voltes V”? (Loved that show growing up!) Wow, interesting looking cow!

    It's great to read about the Philippines through your posts. Keep up the good work!

  7. Mom-Friday says:

    ate Gi, Tina, Jen, Jewel – glad you appreciate this post, watch out for the final album.

    Jewel – thank you for visiting and hope you find the blogsite interesting. Happy reading 🙂

  8. Lovely photos, there so many lovely place in philippines, like this. and the island like boracay, palawan, bohol and many more.

    Tanya Gemarin

  9. Anonymous says:

    hi..how much did you spend in paradizoo?just want to know..thanks:)

  10. Mom-Friday says:

    Anon – I think entrance fee is P150(?), but lower rate for the kids 🙂 sorry i can't recall the exact rate. But they have a tour guide to bring you around and explain each site.

  11. Anonymous says:

    hi how much the rates in paradizoo if we stay overnight?

  12. Mom-Friday says:

    Anon – thanks for dropping by. I am sorry I was not able to inquire about their overnight rates. It is best to contact the Zoomanity Group for more details:
    For inquiries please call (632) 899-9824, 0917-8351111

  13. Anonymous says:

    love it……

  14. Anonymous says:


    I am a teacher here in Silang Cavite. I was looking for a perfect farm where I can bring my students this September, since it is in line with Science Month. Actually I was planning to have them experience a little farming and feeding of animals on hands but when I was browsing for farms nearby, I saw your blog and I was impressed with the pictures and captions. I just want to ask if you have experienced hands-on activities while you were in the farm and zoo. I would really appreciate your response in this matter. Thank you and God Bless.

  15. Mom-Friday says:

    HI Teacher! PARADIZOO is a petting zoo and farm but we were not advised about actual feeding and farming by guests.
    Hands-on experience by the kids = touch the snake, go into the butterfly farm and bee farm, pet the camel and chickens, veggie shopping if they like.
    For inquiries, better call Zoomanity Group:
    (632) 899-9824, 0917-8351111

  16. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the immediate response.. God bless.=)btw, your kids are super cute..=)

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