Images of Our Christmas

A beautiful Christmas day to everybody!From my family to yours, we wish you peace, good health and prosperity! We always spend the holidays with family, and this is only our second Christmas spent at home since we moved in here exactly a year and seven months ago.  Having our own home is truly one of … Continue reading

Santa Came To Town Early!

I was supposed to have a Mom-Cook entry today but got immediately side-tracked by a wonderful surprise. So here goes my quickie post for today… As we prepare for lunch and packing all sorts of stuff for my boy’s class party this afternoon, the doorbell rang.  I was told that a man stood outside the … Continue reading

Mom-Finds For Girls: Thea White Cotton Dresses (Limited time only)

Just a day late for Mom-Finds. I know it’s not Friday yet and believe me, my days are still so full. And though I recently committed to blog only on Fridays in the next several weeks, I needed to put in some time to post this one now as these lovely white things are available … Continue reading

Seeing Yellow, Black, and White: Prelude to a December Wedding

Christmas is just 2 Fridays away!  And all around me I see shiny and sparkling golds, reds, silvers and greens…and then there’s bright yellows, blacks and whites.  Okay, that last three colors are really not for the Yuletide cheer, but rather for my upcoming event.  This time of the year is a true test to … Continue reading

Women’s Favorite E-mail of The Year

Allow me a humor break for today’s post before I get into my three-part series on a recently concluded parenting seminar at my boy’s school. I found myself grinning from ear to ear as I read this message from my inbox sent by one of my mom-friends. Maybe some of you have already received one … Continue reading

7 Years After ‘I Do’… part 2

Marriage = Unity = Commitment = Lifetime Seven years and two kids after, my life has really turned upside down, in a good way of course. It was not a walk in the park, and no one said it will be.Getting hitched is like buying a one-way ticket to a great new adventure, with a … Continue reading