7 Years After ‘I Do’… part 1

A Wedding is One day; A Marriage is a Lifetime. Seven years ago today, 30th of November 2002, we took our vows. J and I became husband and wife on a beautiful Saturday afternoon with a solemn and intimate celebration of our union. Of course the dinner party was just as memorable, complete with it’s … Continue reading

Mom-Finds: Native Shell Necklaces

Crystal chandelier earrings, dangling earrings, hoops, bead necklaces and cuffs, layered long chain necklaces and lariats…I have them all.  A few years ago, I had a phase of hoarding some colorful, sparkling pieces, and even tried my hand at jewelry-making! One day, I just stopped. It’s the end of the month.  Pay-day weekend. You know … Continue reading

Roasted Butternut Squash & Carrot Soup

After attending a very interesting talk at my boy’s school last Saturday, I was so ready to share with you today what I have learned as I promised to blog about DML’s series of parenting seminars, the first of which was about wellness and nutrition. Instead, I have to take a 180 degree turn and … Continue reading

The Boy is 6

“The time goes by so quickly. Precious moments need to be shared while they can. The lives of children move on so swiftly, and there are so many days that are already memories.  Of all the things I have come to understand, the best is to cherish today — before it’s too late. Don’t worry … Continue reading

Simple Shrimp and Asparagus Stir-Fry

8:30 breakfast. Homework with the boy and a quick playtime with the kids.Off to 10:15 class for the little girl. 10:30 back for some paper work, prep and cook for lunch. Serve lunch. Fetch the girl at 12. 12:30 lunch. Off to 1:30 class for the boy.  Dash to the grocery, girl and nanny in tow. 3:45 snack. … Continue reading

Mom-Finds: Belts for Kids & Ladies

15th of November, pay-day weekend, Mom-Finds. I can’t believe it’s only 40 days ’til Christmas! In the past 4 years, I was already done with my Christmas shopping as early as end of October, and now, I have not even window-shopped for gift ideas! Better look back at my own finds here, and some more … Continue reading

Steamed ‘King Fish’ In Light Soy

This pink-skinned, tilapia-looking fish that I often see swimming in aquariums at the wet section of supermarkets is actually a Red Tilapia, a hybrid. They are a cross between tilapia species namely the Florida Red, Taiwan Red, Blue tilapia and Nile tilapia. Some refer to this as King Fish, Red Nile fish or Pearl Fish. … Continue reading

Instant Pritong Saba à la Mode

Bananas (Saging, in Filipino) are the most versatile fruit I can think of — eaten raw, cooked in different ways, blended as a drink, grilled, candied, you name it. And locally, a popular variety is the Saba (Cardaba) that can be eaten in so many ways, just Google it!  I also read somewhere that this … Continue reading

Afternoon Bonding Over ZOOB and Champorado, part 2

I have always enjoyed cooking with my children, at least to some degree.  Attempting to expose them early to the different flavors and aromas of various dishes I can manage to cook, trying to tickle their taste buds, and hopefully get them to try and like the dish, is something I am making an effort … Continue reading

Afternoon Bonding Over ZOOB and Champorado, part 1

It is not unusual for me to see my boy and my girl, with a 3-year age gap, play together and chatter away as they let their imaginations run wild with their high-action stories and anecdotes from a TV show or make-believe adventures with their new toys.  This can go on until they bore themselves … Continue reading