My {Vintage} Sanrio and Me

Hello Kitty. Patty and Jimmy. Little Twin Stars. My Melody. These are the original, adorable, cute, and oh-so-addicting Japanese characters from Sanrio that I was obsessed about since more than three decades ago. 

And as far as I can remember, it was my first Patty and Jimmy compact mirror and comb set that started it all. I think I was six then. My humble collection stirs up wonderful childhood memories, and just looking at them certainly brings out the kid in me.

I loved anything and everything about Sanrio. So, you may be wondering why I am writing this blast-from-the-past show-and-tell post today. Well, about a month ago, as I ordered the usual (McDonald’s) Happy Meal for my boy, these big, colorful, plastic apples caught my eye (photo above) and it instantly triggered and awakened the Sanrio bug in me that laid dormant for decades. Hello Kitty is now 35! And each Happy Meal comes with a commemorative Kitty — choose from 1974 to present. I got giddy and too excited that my stupidity reigned and only got myself one, as in ONE item, for that one meal I ordered! I should have ordered more and got all the remaining years! They were sold out when I went back a few days later.

1976.  That’s my Hello Kitty apple up there. As soon as I came home, I rushed to look for all that was left of my collection, mostly bought by my mom as a surprise gift or reward. Bringing out each item as I take a picture brought back that magical feeling that you just can’t explain. Die-hard Sanrio fans know what I’m talking about! And I guess it was no coincidence that 1976 is the copyright year on most of the toys and trinkets.
And now, it is my pleasure to share with you some of my treasured Sanrio collectibles, some still unused and unopened to this day.
Bright red and striped Hello Kitty mini umbrella — my girl knows it’s now hers to keep
I still have all of my Sanrio toys displayed at my mom’s house, mostly Lala dolls. Kiki and Lala are the Twin Stars by the way. Unbelievably, they are still in perfect condition. Sorry I was not able to take photos of the toys. My mom calls them my “pamana” (inheritance) for my kids since they will now get to enjoy them and hopefully give them the same endless pleasure and happiness they have brought me.
A very useful kilogram weighing scale from my aunt-godmother, with the protective plastic film still on!
Now, after more than 30 years, the Sanrio gang’s magic is still very much alive, led by the forever popular and lovable Hello Kitty. I will surely visit the recently opened Sanrio Luxe store at Greenbelt 5 one of these days to reward myself of something new, and just relive that girlish thrill once again.
A mini plastic nautical-themed coin purse that can hardly fit 10 quarters (coins)

Barely used, this is my precious Hello Kitty train pencil sharpener — I’m just praying she won’t break it
Another gift from my aunt-godmother who knows I love Sanrio back then

Pencil set, stapler, sharpener (still in plastic) and some unique assorted erasers I dare not use

My favorite erasers — 2D Kitty in her house case, and a 3D inch-high Lala

Little Twin Stars tissue holder, unopened and still with the tag on

A favorite pasttime of mine was drawing and coloring and this was a perfect, handy carry-all kit
My Melody Bling!

 Tuxedo Sam wall or desk clock, also a gift I was thrilled to receive! It was used for some time until my little bother got conscious and complained it’s not “unisex” (just so you know, we shared a room)
Another pink Tuxedo Sam mechanical pencil and lead refill which I still use. Check out the movable wings that lift up his cap!

And then some other unused stuff mixed in the Sanrio box…

My Sanrio fan club member I.D.  There’s no better proof than this.

I only hope these “treasures” will fetch some value in the near future.
Almost forgot about my Little Twin Stars hair barrettes!  I still get paranoid when my nanny or little girl misplaces one of the clips!!!

Now, don’t you think I should get an award for this?  🙂

This is THE bag that my friend Lilibeth (see comment) mentioned below.  My first was in navy, which got worn out, then replaced with this one in camel. I finally unearthed it from my old hutch/cabinet (thanks mom for keeping it all this time!)

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18 Responses to “My {Vintage} Sanrio and Me”
  1. Hahaha! Michelle! I can totally relate with you. I have all of my Sanrio memorabilia in a crate… most of them still unused. Sanrio tissues… yellowed with the passage of time… but unused, nonetheless. 🙂

  2. jen laceda says:

    What?! You guys still have these? Good on you! These are vintage! Thanks for sharing! Oh, and I had that Tuxedo Sam clock as well! Of course, not sure where it is now. It got lost in the move to Canada!

  3. neva says:

    hi! i've been reading your blog and just had to comment on this post! AWESOME!! haha ang galing na natago mo pa sila and even more wonderful that you can now share it with your adorable daughter 😀

  4. Mom-Friday says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Mom-Friday says:

    Tina, now you can open your crate and let your girls invade it, if you're willing, heehee 😉

    Jen, I now remember your clock displayed in your room before! and now that you mentioned it, i think it was your mom who gave me the same clock!

    Neva, thanks for visiting…masarap talaga ang feeling to pass on to your kids something you kept from your childhood, it makes the effort of preserving them all worth it 😉 do comment as often as you like! And your site is beautiful!

  6. Divina Pe says:

    Wow, you have quite a collection of Sanrio products. Those are really good finds and they're still in good shape.

    I hope you received the answers about the Kefir and the mochi. 🙂

  7. Mom-Friday says:

    Thanks Divina, they are my 'treasures'! 🙂 And thanks for your help, read them yesterday, still hoping you'd sell your goodies! hehe..

  8. Lilibeth Tan says:

    Hi, I know this is a late feedback but I just had to say, WOW, you really kept all of your sanrio stuff.
    I still remember your brown Hello Kitty school bag with the white handle. DO you still remember that one? I remembered when we had that fire drill in school, you placed your bag on top of your locker (the one under your seat) and told me that if there ever is a fire, “I'll be taking this along with me.” LOL!!
    Great post.

  9. Mom-Friday says:

    Lilibeth, naalala mo pa? I still have that bag at my mom's house! hahaha 🙂 that and more Sanrio toys were left there, maybe I can do a sequel to this…hmm…

  10. Aimee says:

    Would you consider selling your Tuxedo Sam pencil? I have been looking for that one forever. my email is:

  11. Mom-Friday says:

    Aimee – thank you for your interest in my Tuxedo Sam pencil 🙂 but I'm still using it to this day. Sorry, all items here are not for sale.

  12. Tetcha says:

    You definitely deserve an award for taking very good care of your precious collection. You've amassed a lot of these Sanrio items. What a lucky girl you are! And because you're passing them on to your daughter, she is doubly lucky!

  13. Mom-Friday says:

    Thanks Tetcha! They are still kept in a safe box for the girl to enjoy when it's time 🙂

  14. Grace says:

    Ang cute naman, sis ng collection mo. Parang gusto ko tuloy mag-Hello Kitty na rin…nakakahawa pala! Ganda!

  15. Chris says:

    this is like a walk in the past! 😀 ang ganda ng collections mo! ako, wala akong collections e.. aside from my post cards that is 😀

  16. Mom-Friday says:

    Thanks Grace, collect na rin!

    Chris, thanks…too precious to use kaya nakatago pa all these years 🙂

  17. Mama Mia says:

    Hahaha! I used to have a necklace too…pero Little Twin Stars! I'm also a Fun Club member! My ID's still with my mom….pang blackmail perhaps? Hahaha! Great post, Michele!

  18. Mom-Friday says:

    Thanks Mia! Treasure that ID! 🙂

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