The Tooth Fairy and A Gloomy Holloween

“Is the tooth fairy leaving me a coin under my pillow?”; “Am I growing?”; “Is there a big tooth coming out already?” — just some of the many questions from a curious soon-to-be-six-year-old boy. My boy has reached a major milestone in his young life — losing his first front tooth. It was a much … Continue reading

Mom-Friday’s Raisin Bread French Toast Breakfast for 1

As the saying goes, ‘Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a queen, and dinner like a pauper’.  I’ve mentioned this in my nutrition series some weeks back and I think I need to follow my own advice.  I am not a big breakfast eater and I usually find myself rushing through the morning with … Continue reading

Lazy Mom’s Crazy Rice

You can say I’m a big fan of 30-minute meals (or less), quickfire dishes, simple and easy-to-prepare food for myself and for the family. Even with my “passion” and enthusiasm for food, at this point in my life, I just don’t have the motivation and a great deal of time to prepare a well-planned meal. … Continue reading

Roasted Bone Marrow Snack Anyone?

Believe me, it tastes so much better than it sounds…and looks!  I am really a sucker for bulalo, literally! I guess it’s an acquired taste. Whether it’s beef bulalo (beef shank) soup or bulalo steak, I always get first dig on the marrow. Eaten with steamed rice, I savor it in all it’s fatty glory, … Continue reading

My {Vintage} Sanrio and Me

Hello Kitty. Patty and Jimmy. Little Twin Stars. My Melody. These are the original, adorable, cute, and oh-so-addicting Japanese characters from Sanrio that I was obsessed about since more than three decades ago.  And as far as I can remember, it was my first Patty and Jimmy compact mirror and comb set that started it … Continue reading

Breastfeeding and The Medela House

“Breastmilk is best for babies up to two years” – I truly believe in this advocacy.  Just ‘Google’ this topic and you will find a long list of the benefits of breastmilk and breastfeeding to the mother and child.   It amazes me that even with modern science and technology in producing what I call “fully … Continue reading

Mom-Finds For Girls: Anne Juleth

Everybody deserves a good break or any sort of distraction after this very difficult week. It really took a big effort on my part to pull up this post after updating my recent ‘help list‘. But I made a commitment with this regular feature, and I guess it’s always nice to have practical options especially … Continue reading