How WE Can Send Help After The Storm (updated)

Each of us has a story to tell of that fateful Saturday morning storm.  After almost three days, thousands are still drenched and in dire need of assistance and immediate rescue. I feel so helpless, yet fortunate.  Helpless because I have friends who are still stuck somewhere in the sunken areas of Cainta and Marikina, … Continue reading

Miso Soup for the Soul

A hot comforting soup on a chilly, rainy evening is always the way to go to complement your dinner.  And the other night, we had our favorite Japanese broth — miso soup. I mentioned in earlier posts when we dined at Kyoto Jack and Sugi, that my son loves miso soup. And whenever we order … Continue reading

Silly Faces That Make My (so, so) Day

Kids can make such funny, silly faces, act silly, and say some silly stuff.  Whatever ‘silly’ they do, they never fail to perk up even my dullest of days.  After my ‘serious’ 4-part nutrition series, let me take a breather and have something to smile about on this weather-crazy, sunny-rainy day. The many faces (and … Continue reading

Talks on Wellness & Nutrition, part 4

Part 4 — the last in this series on wellness and nutrition. Wow, I could not believe I was able to compose this series of posts in one week! This is a feat for me as I am used to writing only once a week (twice at most) and posting on a Friday. I am proud … Continue reading

Talks on Wellness & Nutrition, part 3

“Wellness is the interactive process of becoming aware of and practicing healthy choices to create a more balanced lifestyle.”  It is a very simple philosophy yet it is so difficult to achieve, especially in this age of instant food, video games, quick-service restaurants, and a multitude of food supplements in the market today. Before we … Continue reading

Talks on Wellness & Nutrition, part 2

“Kain lang ng kain (just keep eating)…you’re eating for two” is always the line that pregnant women hear from well-meaning family and friends — I myself did not escape this prodding. There’s really no question when it comes to eating right during pregnancy as wellness begins from the womb. And now, to continue the series … Continue reading

Talks on Wellness & Nutrition, part 1

“You are what you eat.”  I’ve read this saying hundreds of times and I know this is true. Our health and well-being not only depends on what we do to keep fit, but more importantly, what we feed our bodies. And in recent years, people grew more and more conscious about eating and living right, … Continue reading

Stress and Organized (?) Clutter

It’s been a crazy week for me even as we just had a 3-day weekend as August closed. The week was peppered with doctors’ visits, usual errands and scheduled kids’ activities, wedding planning updates for clients, baby shower for 3 friends (one of whom was rushed to the hospital after experiencing contractions as we end … Continue reading

Mom-Finds: Shirts and Tunics

It’s the first day of the month, and I’m late by a day of posting my Mom-Finds (if you’ve been reading my entries, I recently started a regular feature with my thrift finds for budget-conscious women like me, as I always find it rewarding to have something you really like and enjoy without breaking the … Continue reading