To (Breast) Feed Or Not To (Breast) Feed?

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, …10, 11, 12,…now I lost count.  Listed them down and I just finished at 21!  Wow I can’t believe I know 21 women who are all due, or have given birth, between June to early 2010!  Every month I hear of another preggy woman among common friends, so what’s with … Continue reading

My Quick ‘Chocolat’ Fix

Lately, I have been cake-tripping, as you may have seen on my previous post.  How lucky are we to have so many food establishments and cake shops to choose from in our neighborhood! And this latest addition is what I have been waiting for to open since the past month.  Their signage says:  Deep Dark … Continue reading

Carla’s and Caroline’s Sweet Endings…and In-betweens

“I want cake, mommy, a pink cake!”; “I want that one, the purple one!”; “That’s my birthday cake!”…and the shout-outs keep coming from the mouths of babes. Even at different times of the day, at different days of the week, the boy and girl of the house will demand for their sugar rush. They know … Continue reading

Mom-Finds For Girls

It’s Friday, and it happens to be mid-month, which means ‘pay-day weekend’ for some, and time to shop, shop, shop! As part of my bargain-hunting feature under Mom-Finds, here are some items I had purchased, all for under P500 each — but this time, for my little girl. So, I hope you welcome this new … Continue reading

Sauce Express: Aligue & Pesto

I must admit, I am not a kitchen maven. I try to do with whatever is in stock and whatever I can remember from the long list of recipes I’ve browsed through. And so, with my limited repertoire of dishes, I try to incorporate a few versatile sauces to add a twist to the usual … Continue reading

And Another One Bites…

“Mommy, what’s that black…what’s that black on your leg…?”(Whack!!! And it drops.) When there’s rain, can mosquitoes be far behind? It’s still the rainy season here and these insects abound. I don’t have to tell you what deadly diseases they can bring — dengue, malaria among others. In the past few days alone, I slapped … Continue reading

It’s Raining and We’re Feeling Japanese (again)

No signage by the main street, and no directionals pointing to the right way. We just followed the light through the plaza. There was a downpour and it was very dark. That’s something different for the kids as we rarely take them out at night, more so on a rainy night! So they were excited … Continue reading