Mom-Finds For 500 or Less

It’s the 30th of the month. Pay day. A day that every regular working body looks forward to. For some, it’s 15-30 (half-month pay every 15th and 30th of the month), including me, when I was still single, working with a full time job at an advertising and PR firm. Those were the days when … Continue reading

A Starter with Sardines and Kesong Puti

As I attempt to prepare our ‘first’ menu for the week, I saw myself browsing through an old Food Magazine, hoping to get some new, quick-and-easy dishes I can try to whip up. With the many traditional Filipino dishes, I chanced upon a special feature on French chef Cyrille Soenen (pardon my ignorance on his … Continue reading

Color Your World

Inspiration board. Theme board. Swatch board. Mood board.  Call it as you please but they mean the same thing — these boards serve as a guide and color palette, creating a unique look for a design project or event. The board is a collection of interesting elements, inspiring photos, objects, fabrics, and whatever strikes your … Continue reading

Weekend (Cheap) Thrills

Ah, Friday… time for some relaxing days ahead…a respite for tired, busy bodies from the week’s load. But for a parent like myself, having a “me time” over the weekend is a luxury, even a secret indulgence for some. With kids around, plans can always change in a snap. A play group on a Saturday … Continue reading

Show and Tell

Everyday, my kids doodle and draw, tumble and jump, sing and dance, and just demonstrate whatever talent or new skills they discover. And more often than not, they want me to capture their work with the digicam, and sometimes, give an impromptu performance without much prodding! Such a show-off these kids, yet still so charming … Continue reading

Digging Damask

Damask (dăm’əsk) [from Damascus], fabric of silk, wool, linen, cotton, or man-made fibers, with a pattern formed by the weaving; e.g., the ground may be in twill weave, and the contrasting design in satin. True damasks are flat and reversible, thus differing from brocades. Splendid patterns, silks, and dyes were used by the Damascus weavers, … Continue reading