Sites of Inspiration

These wonderful sites serve as my sources of inspiration, information, and amusement online.

Hope you enjoy them too!

My kids
The ART of J & M

A Filipina Mom Blogger
Ceemee’s Cazzapoeia
Chronicles of a Nursing Mom
Dainty Mom
J and the Three Boys
Make or Break
Manila Mommy
Mommy Fleur
Mothering Earthlings
O.C. Mom in Manila
Our Phenomenal Life
Pensive Thoughts
Tartine and Apron Strings
The Mommy Journal
The Painter’s Wife
The Pioneer Woman
Topaz Mommy
Une Envie de Sel
Wifely Steps

Folie a Deux 
Into My Snow Globe
Market Manila 
Our Awesome Planet
Sense & Serendipity
6 Bittersweets
80 Breakfasts

Absolutely Beautiful Things
Animetric’s World
Cupcakes and Cashmere
Go! Jackie Go
Jenni Epperson
Manila Fashion Observer
MrsMartinez’ Raves and Rants
Pink MagaLine
Planet Awesome Kid
The Philippine Beat
Topaz Horizon
Wendy’s Look Book

Blog of A Non-Blogger
Color To Paper
Dr. Ben Kim
Kevin & Amanda

I will update this list to include active blogs and new site discoveries.

5 Responses to “Sites of Inspiration”
  1. Thanks for sharing! Now I know 25 new things about you! 🙂

    I have joined your followers, Google Reader alerts me as soon as you have a new post up. 🙂

  2. Mom-Friday says:

    same here, and I found lots of things in common from your list as well 😉 thanks, thanks for following!

  3. jen laceda says:

    Hi Lee Long (hey I'm from the high school / elementary days–so, I'm allowed!),
    I can't believe you still have the Sanrio ID!!! Classic!! This is a great list! Many things here, I know about you (because we've known each other forever!), but a few things surprised me, too. Like the fainting, the longest time you were awake, and some of the college stuff that I missed when we were separated (by school)! I miss you…

    Anyway, I have given you an award at my blog. Click here to view it. Then pay it forward. It's a great way to say thanks to old friends and meet new, like-minded friends in the Blgger world. Plus, it increases traffic to everybody's blogs!!
    Jenny Laceda aka Fong

  4. Mom-Friday says:

    you should make a list and surprise us too! 😉 thanks for the 'award', i will post it now and pass it forward, but I only have a few hehe…

  5. Divina Pe says:

    I was wondering what your name is. Now I know. So, I can call you Michelle now, instead of Mom-Friday.

    Your baby is so cute Baby.

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